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TrainingZone: Supporting charity L&D

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TrainingZone Live was a big hit with members of the Charity Learning Consortium (CLC), with charities benefitting from exclusive offers and discounts. Members of the CLC, including founder and MD Martin Baker, found Jim Kirkpatrick’s workshop in particular an inspiration, and learning from the day has already been shared within charity L&D departments. Read on for reactions to the event from members of the CLC.

“Jim Kirkpatrick’s workshop was an inspiration and afterwards I was on cloud nine! I particularly like his term ‘Return on Expectation’ – there’s far more to ROI than just pound signs. It really reinforced how important it is – in Jim’s words – to ‘know what success will look like’ 12 months after training has finished. We need as an industry to be looking at Evaluation before training starts, not just after it has finished.”
Martin Baker, founder and Managing Director, The Charity Learning Consortium

“In my experience ‘training events’ can be very hit or miss, many of them turn out to be glorified sales events, but this event surpassed all my expectations and I found each of the four workshops I attended to be as stimulating and insightful as the next. The highlight for me would have to be Jim Kirkpatrick’s workshop, his new world, Four levels of evaluation model was explained in such an impactful way, I immediately incorporated some of the supporting theory he used - by Brinkerhoft and Bersin - into my management training courses. All in all this was a thoroughly rewarding and enjoyable experience.”
Kerry Brewer, Learning & Development Officer for London and East, Crime Reduction Initiatives

“Attending TrainingZone Live was an excellent opportunity to meet and network with L&D professionals from a variety of sectors. The broad range of seminar topics offered a real chance to dip into areas of interest and explore ideas with the support of the experts involved. My personal high point was the session on the ‘future of learning in the palm of your hand’ which really opened up the potential technology and learning together has for organisations.”
Kristine Healy, Learning & Development Officer, Breast Cancer Care

“I particularly enjoyed the session by Jim Kirkpatrick - I really appreciated hearing about the subject of evaluation from the horse’s mouth so to speak! - and I will be sharing some of these insights with my team. I also enjoyed meeting up with some old colleagues and discussing the challenges of learning and development with people in the same boat. A valuable and inspiring day.”
Richard Bragg, Learning and Development Partner, WRVS

“Of particular interest for me was strategic development through leadership, and understanding why and how some people are more successful than others. So Behavioural Change for Exceptional Leadership presented by Seven Suphi was a highlight, and expressed the challenges faced by all leaders today. I was greatly impressed by the keynote introduction by Denise Hudson-Lawson and her approach of delivering personalised development in ICT across the Houses of Parliament. And the closing Q&A session brought great added value from the panel with their views - especially Jim Kirkpatrick & Nigel Harrison. A great event which stimulated my thoughts around personal impact.”
Kevin McAlpine, Chief Executive, New Highway

"As someone who is new to training it was fantastic to meet and share stories with other trainers who deal with varied audiences. Learning how comedy can break down the barriers was a revelation, but Peter Honey's anecdotes were the highlight of the day. He had the audience hanging onto every word, a skill every speaker wished they possessed! A really insightful day, packed to the brim with useful advice."
Aimi Elias, Training Coordinator, Engineers Without Borders UK

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