News stories from UpsideLMS in 2019

UAE’s InsuranceAcademy.Me leverages UpsideLMS to bolster its Online Learning Programs

UpsideLMS | 15 Jan 2019

UpsideLMS is proud to be the technology partner of InsuranceAcademy.Me in delivering Insurance-specific online learning courses, customized to UAE and accredited by CPD, through its multi-award-winning platform.

UpsideLMS among Best Budget LMSs in Craig Weiss’s Top 50 Learning Systems

UpsideLMS | 08 Jan 2019

The Craig Weiss Group has ranked UpsideLMS among the best LMSs ‘when on a budget’ in its annual Top 50 Learning Systems for 2019 list.

UpsideLMS kick starts 2019 with an Infographic on Learning Technology Trends

UpsideLMS | 03 Jan 2019

Learning Technology has seen some major advances throughout 2018. Trends like Artificial Intelligence, mobile learning and personalized learning have become a mainstay. And, with the onset of 2019, UpsideLMS dives deep into analyzing the upcoming learning technology trends through its comprehensive and unique infographic - Top Learning Technology Trends 2019.