News stories from UpsideLMS in 2019

UpsideLMS highlights the importance of Learning Analytics in Learn-tech in its latest eBook

UpsideLMS | 13 Mar 2019

In its comprehensive eBook titled ‘Learn-Tech and Learning Analytics’, UpsideLMS explores how leveraging Learning Analytics is a must for today’s L&D professionals.

UpsideLMS is eLearning Industry’s ‘Top Value for Money Learning Management System’ for 2019

UpsideLMS | 26 Feb 2019

UpsideLMS, a front-runner in the learn-tech space, has been placed second by eLearning Industry in its ‘Top Value for Money Learning Management System for 2019’ list, which covers LMSes from all over the world.

UpsideLMS Finalist on 2019 Talented Learning Awards - ‘Best Corporate Extended Enterprise Systems’

UpsideLMS | 14 Feb 2019

A market leader in the learn-tech space, UpsideLMS is placed as one of the finalists on the 2019 Talented Learning Awards for Excellence in Corporate Extended Enterprise Systems.

UpsideLMS is a ‘Potential Performer’ in the 2019 Fosway 9-GridTM for a Second Year Running

UpsideLMS | 07 Feb 2019

UpsideLMS, a market leader in the learn-tech space, has been ranked on the 2019 Fosway 9-GridTM for its Learning Management System for the second consecutive year, further fulfilling its potential in 2019.

UpsideLMS reviews a successful 2018 in its latest Infographic ‘2018-A Year In Review’

UpsideLMS | 29 Jan 2019

As the new year begins, UpsideLMS looks back upon ‘2018-A Year In Review’ to access its successes and achievements, and set up newer and bigger milestones to achieve in 2019.

UpsideLMS draws on business leaders to highlight the importance of Lifelong Learning

UpsideLMS | 22 Jan 2019

With the rapidly evolving digital marketplace, the importance of Lifelong Learning in L&D cannot be stressed more. UpsideLMS highlights the role Lifelong Learning has played in the lives of top business leaders in its latest PPT, titled ‘Life, Learning & Lifelong Learning- Quotes from Business Leaders, Thinkers and Do-ers.’

UAE’s InsuranceAcademy.Me leverages UpsideLMS to bolster its Online Learning Programs

UpsideLMS | 15 Jan 2019

UpsideLMS is proud to be the technology partner of InsuranceAcademy.Me in delivering Insurance-specific online learning courses, customized to UAE and accredited by CPD, through its multi-award-winning platform.

UpsideLMS among Best Budget LMSs in Craig Weiss’s Top 50 Learning Systems

UpsideLMS | 08 Jan 2019

The Craig Weiss Group has ranked UpsideLMS among the best LMSs ‘when on a budget’ in its annual Top 50 Learning Systems for 2019 list.

UpsideLMS kick starts 2019 with an Infographic on Learning Technology Trends

UpsideLMS | 03 Jan 2019

Learning Technology has seen some major advances throughout 2018. Trends like Artificial Intelligence, mobile learning and personalized learning have become a mainstay. And, with the onset of 2019, UpsideLMS dives deep into analyzing the upcoming learning technology trends through its comprehensive and unique infographic - Top Learning Technology Trends 2019.