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UpsideLMS kick starts 2019 with an Infographic on Learning Technology Trends

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Learning Technology has seen some major advances throughout 2018. Trends like Artificial Intelligence, mobile learning and personalized learning have become a mainstay. And, with the onset of 2019, UpsideLMS dives deep into analyzing the upcoming learning technology trends through its comprehensive and unique infographic - Top Learning Technology Trends 2019.


The Learning technology space has seen many advances and the rise of many noteworthy trends such as Micro Learning, Artificial Intelligence (AI), AR/VR, which are set to transform the learning technology landscape. In today’s fast-paced digital environment, learning and technology complement each other to provide L&D professionals and learners with cutting-edge learning solutions. And, the New Year, with its newer challenges, is the perfect time for enterprises, L&D and HR-professionals, and vendors to analyze the latest trends and technologies in learn-tech.

The latest infographic titled ‘Top Learning Technology Trends 2019’ released by UpsideLMS looks at the year 2019, and the promise it holds for learning technology, in a much detailed and comprehensive manner. Apart from highlighting the latest trends, the infographic also outlines other valuable information that will help L&D professionals as well as learners to better gauge the upcoming learn-tech trends as a whole.

With more and more organizations looking to offer cutting-edge learning tools, the Top Learning Technology Trends 2019 infographic acts as a visual to-do list that helps businesses analyze the need, understand their requirements and make an informed choice that will drive employee growth and help achieve the desired business objectives.

The Top Learning Technology Trends 2019 infographic is available for viewing via UpsideLMS' website.