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People Matters TechHR 2019-Fireside Chat: ‘AI is about making sense of data’

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Founder & Director of UpsideLMS, Amit Gautam explores how AI is more than statistical analysis and gives his insights on how AI can automate and augment HR operations at People Matters TechHR India 2019 Conference and Exhibition.


With a footfall of over 3000+ attendees, People Matters TechHR India 2019 was indeed a perfect gathering of business and HR leaders speaking, interacting, networking and learning from each other. It enabled meaningful conversations among professionals and business stalwarts, and provided thought leaders and new age service providers with a platform to come together and create an ecosystem of brilliance in the domain of work technology.

With a theme of ‘Change Your Perspective’, UpsideLMS was a Gold Sponsor at the event, and helped visitors with expert insights and guidance on leveraging technologies in the L&D space and all things learning from a technological perspective.

Representing UpsideLMS in the Fireside Chat (Panel Discussion) was the company’s Founder-Director, Amit Gautam, speaking on the topic ‘Using Artificial Intelligence to Increase Employee Engagement’. Amit Gautam was also joined by other esteemed panelists, including Manmeet Sandhu, Chief People Officer, PhonePe; Rahul Kalidindi, CEO, Akrivia and Sheebu David, CHRO, GE, South Asia, along with Session Chair Seema Arora Nambiar, SVP – Strategy, Innovation & Capability, McDonald’s India.

With AI-powered tools and solutions creating further in-roads across diverse functions, including Human Resources (HR) and Learning & Development (L&D), among others, the panelists discussed how AI can automate and augment HR operations, and shift mindsets from transactions to experiences. The 34-minute discussion explored how organizations and HR leaders first need to understand the concept of AI, its advantages as well as limitations, before deriving conclusions on the capabilities the technology presents.

Answering the question on how you can measure engagement and how AI can help in this regard, Amit Gautam said, “Anything that is measured is data and anything that is data can be processed and analyzed. I believe employee engagement is a set of three factors- communication, learning culture and employee recognition. So in order to measure engagement you have to measure these three factors at least. But a simple engagement survey in a large enterprise will give you limitless data points that are incredible challenging for humans to analyze. And this is where AI comes in.”

Amit goes on to discuss how humans are still intrinsic to the whole process and how AI will remove bias from HR activities and more.

To gain further insights and know the benefits and limitations of using AI in HR, you can watch the full video here.