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Online Content Libraries is L&D’s answer to economic meltdown: UpsideLMS’ latest ebook

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In today’s economic crisis when L&D departments increasingly focus on cost cutting, ready-to-use online content libraries can be the savior, says UpsideLMS’ latest ebook ‘Online Content Libraries– An eLearning must-have’.


Speculation is ripe about the impending global economic crisis and the risk of a global recession. While this means slashed L&D budgets for most organizations, UpsideLMS’ recently released ebook ‘Online Content Libraries– An eLearning must-have’ shines as a beacon of hope as it dives into the possibilities of employee development through ready-to-use catalog content even on a shoe-string budget.

The ebook, which has been compiled using latest industry stats and figures, distils UpsideLMS’ experience as a leading provider of over 20,000 content libraries sourced from the best in the business. In addition to building a business case and helping companies support their L&D initiatives in times of a global meltdown, the ebook covers the whole nine yards of business and learning benefits that off-the-shelf courses offer.

Amit Gautam, Director of UpsideLMS and also the author of the ebook, says “Available in various formats – including but not limited to eLearning, mLearning and microlearning, across a wide spectrum of skills, online content libraries offer flexibility to not just choose courseware on diverse topics, they can play a key role in enabling employees to build the necessary skills needed for the future of work.”

“So, instead of looking at economic meltdown as a challenge and fretting over the lack of budget and resources, L&D professionals can truly consider online content libraries as the savior that can kick start employee training in no time, and with limited to no resources”, he adds.

‘Online Content Libraries– An eLearning must-have’ explores the need for online content libraries and how L&D professionals can leverage them to:

  • achieve a quick and effective roll-out of their eLearning programs
  • bring about effectiveness in times of a global economic meltdown
  • learn how global organizations (real client stories) leverage content libraries to boost their L&D initiatives

Online Content Libraries– An eLearning must-haveebook is available for a free download.