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UpsideLMS’ Latest Survey aims to ‘connect the dots’ between LMS usage & business impact

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UpsideLMS latest survey titled ‘Business Impact & the LMS: Connecting the Dots’ poses five simple questions pertaining to the roadblocks between an LMS usage and business impact.


UpsideLMS is a leading provider of learn-tech solutions that services numerous clients across the world from diverse industries, including BFSI, logistics, oil & gas, healthcare, government organizations and more.

In its effort to distill valuable knowledge and expert insights about Learning & Development (L&D) practices, emerging technologies and increase adoption of technology-enabled learning in the workplace, UpsideLMS is conducting a simple survey on the topic ‘Business Impact & the LMS: Connecting the Dots’.

To be run over 5 weeks, the survey, which is targeted for Indian HR, L&D and OD practitioners is based on the premise that while learning platforms have become a must-have in businesses of all sizes and types, they are often seen as enablers for managing the organizational L&D alone.

Technological advances, future-proofing ability, ready integrations with a suite of other learn-tech/ tech tools and software make most of the new-age Learning Management Systems more than just training facilitators while ensuring business goal achievement. ‘Business Impact & the LMS: Connecting the Dots’ poses 5 simple questions pertaining to the roadblocks between an LMS usage and Business Impact.

In addition, five lucky survey participants will stand a chance to win an exclusive personally signed copy of the bestselling book ‘The Leadership Sutra’ by Devdutt Pattanaik, a leading Indian author of over a dozen books based on mythology, leadership, management and business.

To view the survey Terms & Conditions and know more about how to participate in the survey, visit here.