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UpsideLMS highlights the importance of Learning Analytics in Learn-tech in its latest eBook

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In its comprehensive eBook titled ‘Learn-Tech and Learning Analytics’, UpsideLMS explores how leveraging Learning Analytics is a must for today’s L&D professionals.

L&D professionals are increasingly feeling the need to incorporate learning analytics and successfully apply them to influence the planning and execution of eLearning programs based on learners’ data. But the impact of learning analytics goes deeper, into how L&D departments function. Learning analytics turns learners’ data into actionable insights, which may include improving learning culture in the organization, process efficiency, leadership development, and more.

The latest eBook titled ‘Learn-Tech and Learning Analytics’ released by UpsideLMS looks at the value of learning analytics and the promise it holds for today’s organizations in a much detailed and comprehensive manner. Apart from highlighting the major advantages, the eBook also outlines other valuable information that will help L&D professionals as well as learners to better understand the importance of data and analytics as a whole.

Some of the key topics covered in the ebook are:

Learning Analytics 101-

-          Predicting Learners’ Behavior

-          Providing Personalised Learning Experience

-          Increasing Cost Efficiency

-          Promoting Quality Assurance and Data-Driven Culture

The Why, How & Now of Learning Analytics-

-          Why Learning Analytics?

-          How can you leverage Learning Analytics?

-          Now is the need for Learning Analytics

With more and more organizations looking to offer cutting-edge learning tools, the ‘Learn-tech and Learning Analytics’ eBook acts as a comprehensive guide that helps organizations and learners understand the value of learning analytics and leverage it to drive growth and help achieve the desired business objectives.

The ‘Learn-tech and Learning Analytics’ eBook is available for download here.