News stories from EssentialSkillz in 2011

EssentialSkillz unveils new Safety Passport solution for contracted workers

EssentialSkillz | 16 Jan 2012

The Safety Passport from EssentialSkillz provides online training and tracking to ensure that all contractors, or any visitors to your business, fully understand the safety requirements therein. It enables companies to take advantage of a safety solution especially designed to meet the specific requirements of contracted workers, mitigating against accidents in the workplace and potentially costly compensation claims.

EssentialSkillz releases new version of its advanced Display Screen Equipment (DSE) compliance software - ErgoWize

EssentialSkillz | 23 Nov 2011

Global E-Learning provider EssentialSkillz is launching the new version of its best-selling industry-leading online DSE Workstation Risk Assessment and training system, otherwise known as ErgoWize. The course will be available from November 2011.

EssentialSkillz unveil new corporate branding pack - O-LAS Branding

EssentialSkillz | 09 Nov 2011

EssentialSkillz, the global supplier of online safety training and risk assessment software has unveiled its new specialised corporate branding pack. Known as O-LAS Branding, the pack will enable any of EssentialSkillz large pool of existing international clients or prospective new clients to apply their own particular branding style to EssentialSkillz Learning Management System and comprehensive suite of courses.

EssentialSkillz releases new Social Media Policy e-learning course

EssentialSkillz | 09 Nov 2011

EssentialSkillz, the global provider of online safety training and risk assessment software has added a new course on Social Media Policy to its suite of e-learning solutions.

EssentialSkillz offers free trial of Stress Essentials E-Learning course to promote National Stress Awareness Day

EssentialSkillz | 01 Nov 2011

EssentialSkillz, the global supplier of online safety training and risk assessment software has decided to offer a free trial of its Stress Essentials e-learning course to promote the arrival of National Stress Awareness Day on Wednesday 2nd November.

EssentialSkillz launch new PPE (Personal Protective Equipment) E-Learning course

EssentialSkillz | 22 Sep 2011

Global E-Learning provider, EssentialSkillz, have launched a new interactive PPE (Personal Protective Equipment) course in their unique, editable format.

EssentialSkillz re launch new look E-Learning courses

EssentialSkillz | 14 Sep 2011

Health and Safety E-Learning specialists, EssentialSkillz, have re launched their complete library of 22 Health and Safety and HR E-Learning courses.

EssentialSkillz launch new Anti Bribery and Corruption E-Learning Course

EssentialSkillz | 13 May 2011

With the new UK Bribery Act coming into force July 1st, the new course is aimed at educating employees on how it affects them and how it impacts on current working practices.

EssentialSkillz talk about the benefits of E-Learning at the Safety and Health Expo.

EssentialSkillz | 10 May 2011

Global E-Learning provider, EssentialSkillz, will be giving a talk on the Occupational Health benefits that good DSE (Display Screen Equipment) E-Learning can provide and the associated cost savings that this will make.

EssentialSkillz launch new Health and Safety SME E-Learning Solution

EssentialSkillz | 05 May 2011

Aimed at businesses with up to 100 employees, EssentialSkillz have launched a new, cost effective solution for online Health and Safety training.

EssentialSkillz appoints new Managing Director

EssentialSkillz | 17 Mar 2011

Global E-Learning provider, EssentialSkillz, showcases latest range of Health & Safety E-Learning solutions at IOSH 2011

EssentialSkillz | 14 Mar 2011

Global E-Learning provider, EssentialSkillz, claim to have the easiest true Rapid Course Authoring Tool on the market, O-LAS Author.

EssentialSkillz | 02 Mar 2011

First conviction for Corporate Manslaughter should focus attention on compliance training, say E-Learning provider EssentialSkillz

EssentialSkillz | 18 Feb 2011

Global E-Learning provider, EssentialSkillz, expand further with new North West office

EssentialSkillz | 11 Feb 2011

EssentialSkillz releases library of editable Health & Safety and HR courses

EssentialSkillz | 10 Feb 2011

Could the removal of two well known TV presenters from our screens have been avoided?

EssentialSkillz | 01 Feb 2011