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Global E-Learning provider, EssentialSkillz, claim to have the easiest true Rapid Course Authoring Tool on the market, O-LAS Author.

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With so many tools offering “Rapid Authoring”, EssentialSkillz decided to develop a tool that both lived up to the name and provided an out of the box experience with no training required.


Rapid Authoring is a common term used by many software packages, but can quite often be misleading. The term implies that you will be empowered with the ability to churn out courses like an E-Learning factory. The truth is that there is usually comprehensive training required and then considerable time and effort expended in developing the material to go into the course, before any rapid authoring can start. In reality, the process can be so complicated and long winded that often the initial enthusiasm to build courses fades and the whole project is slowly and gently shelved.

EssentialSkillz have tried to counter these problems with an innovative approach to Rapid Authoring with their tool, O-LAS Author. Provided as software as a service (SaaS), the platform requires no installation and is available 24 hours a day from any location. O-LAS Author can be delivered pre loaded with an extensive library of Health and Safety and HR E-Learning content. All of the content is fully editable using the tool and can be configured to your own organisations requirements. The result is that you are up and running in minutes rather than hours or days as you are not starting with a blank piece of paper.

Another advantage of O-LAS Author, is the brilliance of its simplicity. There is no training required – EssentialSkillz say that if you can use a word processor, then you can use O-LAS Author. Despite its simplicity, the tool can still produce highly interactive and engaging SCORM compliant HTML courses which can include multi media and flash elements. O-LAS Author can also integrate with EssentialSkillz robust Learning Management System, O-LAS LMS.

Offered on a multi user licence and available online, O-LAS Author is a unique product that delivers, rather than promises, true Rapid Authoring.