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EssentialSkillz unveils new Safety Passport solution for contracted workers

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The Safety Passport from EssentialSkillz provides online training and tracking to ensure that all contractors, or any visitors to your business, fully understand the safety requirements therein. It enables companies to take advantage of a safety solution especially designed to meet the specific requirements of contracted workers, mitigating against accidents in the workplace and potentially costly compensation claims.

The Safety Passport
The Safety Passport 

The Safety Passport from EssentialSkillz is a document that a company can provide to contracted workers that proves they have taken all necessary health and safety training before they begin working for the company. EssentialSkillz say that by saving the company the time that it would otherwise devote to on site training, as well as ensuring that newly contracted workers carry a valid certified document demonstrating they have passed an online training course specifically designed for their role - the Safety Passport should be considered a highly practical, cost-effective and effecient method of getting new contractors up to speed with health and safety training so that they can get on with the work they were hired to do as soon as possible.

Train Contractors on-line with The Safety Passport

One of the key advantages of The Safety Passport according to EssentialSkillz is that contractors can be ready to work on site from the minute they arrive as they can complete their health and safety training before they come to work.

Contractors are asked to complete an online health and safety training course specifically designed with the needs of contracted workers in mind. All that is required to complete the course is a computer and an internet connection. The course content can be edited and fully customized so that a company can add any specific information, details or safety advice that is relevant to the particular role or working environment of the contracted worker. EssentialSkillz Learning Management System called O-LAS also enables the company to track the training records of the contracted workers and in the event of an accident, the company will have the evidence readily available that they were fully compliant in health and safety training and did everything possible to avoid the incident.

EssentialSkillz say that the Safety Passport offers an incredible array of real benefits to any businesses out there that hire contracted workers. Julian Roberts, Managing Director of EssentialSkillz outlined many of the advantages of the new Safety Passport Solution:

"This is a truly exciting new development that meets a very real business need. The Safety Passport can save a company a lot of time, money and effort as they don't have to spend time devoting resources to training up contracted workers on site. Employers will have the added security of a detailed audit trail of the contractors' training record, safe in the knowledge that they have done everything they possibly can to prevent workplace accidents. The Safety Passport is easily accessible, can be customized to the particular needs of an individual company and can provide contracted workers with all the health and safety training they need as quickly, efficiently and easily as possible."