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EssentialSkillz offers free trial of Stress Essentials E-Learning course to promote National Stress Awareness Day

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EssentialSkillz, the global supplier of online safety training and risk assessment software has decided to offer a free trial of its Stress Essentials e-learning course to promote the arrival of National Stress Awareness Day on Wednesday 2nd November.


On National Stress Awareness Day, EssentialSkillz regard it as especially important to remind employers of the importance of identifying the causes of stress in the workplace and offering solutions to manage the problem more effectively. Therefore EssentialSkillz would encourage employers to partake in a free trial of the 30 minute Stress Essentials e-learning course designed to encourage employees to work in an environment as stress-free as possible. EssentialSkillz say they are proud to offer the free trial of the Stress Essentials e-learning solution to help people manage stress levels in conjunction with ISMAUK's National Stress Awareness Day.

Research by the mental health foundation has shown that an incredible 11 million working days are lost in Britain each year due to stress-related complaints. The NHS estimates that more than eight million people in the UK regularly suffer a stress-induced migraine, and the cost to the UK economy is estimated to be around £2.5 billion a year making it vital that this key migraine trigger is addressed. A recent study by AXA concluded with the harsh message that stress levels have doubled in just the last four years. All the indications are that stress is bearing a physical toll on the individual as well as an economic toll on business and not only that, it's getting worse. So what can be done? Initiatives like National Stress Awareness day are helpful in highlighting the issue and pointing businesses in the direction of stress prevention tools like EssentialSkillz online e-learning course Stress Essentials

EssentialSkillz Stress Essentials e-learning solution intends to combat the growing problem of stress in the workplace by offering practical real world advice on measures employees can take to help them cope better with stressful situations. The course targets anybody working in the busy office working environments of the modern day workplace and EssentialSkillz are eager to highlight the enormous benefits of the Stress Essentials course to any business or organisation which include;

- Immediately communicate your organisation's stress policy to employees.

- Monitor and manage the e-learning training, enabling you to know who has completed the training and who has not.

- Specialised software such as EssentialSkillz Stress Indicator Tool for a general overview of a company's stress risks and the individually-tailored stress assessment so any high risk individuals can be identified and helped.

The managing director of EssentialSkillz, Julian Roberts said EssentialSkillz was a keen supporter of National Stress Awareness day: "EssentialSkillz are wholly behind initiatives like National Stress Awareness Day, anything that can encourage businesses to do more to prevent the growing epidemic that is stress in the workplace should be welcomed by all. We are proud that our Stress Essentials e-learning solution is helping the cause."