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EssentialSkillz releases new Social Media Policy e-learning course

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EssentialSkillz, the global provider of online safety training and risk assessment software has added a new course on Social Media Policy to its suite of e-learning solutions.

Social Media E-Learning
Social Media E-Learning 

EssentialSkillz has added a new Social Media Policy Course to its suite of interactive e-learning solutions aimed at the health and safety and human resource industries. Like all of the products in EssentialSkillz range of learning solutions, the new course is fully editable using the authoring tool enabling companies to edit any content that they want to more closely reflect their internal policies. The Social Media Policy course increases the number of courses offered by EssentialSkillz to 24.

Social media is now an almost ubiquitous presence in the modern business landscape. The various social media applications and tools in the virtual sphere now play a key part in the workplace as they encourage marketing, networking, collaboration and brand awareness. However the ability provided by social media - to transmit a message to a mass audience at the click of the button, should always be used responsibly in order to prevent potentially damaging consequences for the reputation of a business. Employees should also be aware of the dangers of writing about work-related issues using their private social media accounts. It is recommended that a business set about the process of managing the use of social media by implementing a social media policy so that employees learn how to use social media applications in such a way that doesn't create difficulties for the company or individual involved. EssentialSkillz have developed the social media policy training course to provide employer's and employees with all the necessary information and guidelines to increase their awareness of how to use social media responsibly in the workplace.

Incidents relating to the misuse of social media are on the increase in the modern-day office environment and EssentialSkillz were particularly keen to add this course to their suite of e-learning products in response to the concerns of many businesses who are unsure of how to manage the use of social media.

On the issue of Social Media, Acas, advises employers to draw up a policy, treat 'electronic behaviour' as you treat 'non-electronic behaviour' and react reasonably to issues around social media. To promote best practice and avoid legal disputes, every employee should be provided with information regarding social media practices that the Company deem to be acceptable and unacceptable.

The dangers of using social media were conveyed in a recent report by the campaign group, Big Brother Watch. The report discovered that doctors, nurses and administrative staff at 152 trusts and hospitals across the UK were publishing confidential health information on social media sites. - More here

Julian Roberts, Managing Director of EssentialSkillz, stated: "EssentialSkillz is delighted to launch it's new social media course. We feel that it's necessary to respond promptly to new developments in the marketplace and this new social media course places us firmly at the forefront of providing e-learning solutions that cater for real business needs".