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EssentialSkillz talk about the benefits of E-Learning at the Safety and Health Expo.

Milton Keynes, UKLearning NewsEssentialSkillz

Global E-Learning provider, EssentialSkillz, will be giving a talk on the Occupational Health benefits that good DSE (Display Screen Equipment) E-Learning can provide and the associated cost savings that this will make.


Using a real life example of a public sector business, the talk will highlight the difficulties that were faced by both the organisation and their employees. It will highlight the challenges that they faced and how they were overcome.

Most importantly, the talk will also show how the organisation made significant cost savings and at the same time identified high risk employees in the workplace. These employees could then be targeted to help them overcome the DSE issues that they were experiencing.

Specialist DSE consultant, Mark Warner, will give the talk along with EssentialSkillz Managing Director, Julian Roberts. "I am delighted that we have this opportunity to show how beneficial E-Learning can be to an organisation and their employees", commented Julian. "We are also very pleased that we are able to give the talk with a consultant of Marks' calibre and reputation".

EssentialSkillz and Mark Warner will be giving the talk at the Safety and Health Expo in Birmingham on Tuesday 17th May at 14.15 in the Occupational Health Theatre.