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EssentialSkillz releases new version of its advanced Display Screen Equipment (DSE) compliance software - ErgoWize

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Global E-Learning provider EssentialSkillz is launching the new version of its best-selling industry-leading online DSE Workstation Risk Assessment and training system, otherwise known as ErgoWize. The course will be available from November 2011.

screenshot of ergowize online training course
screenshot of ergowize online training course 

EssentialSkillz is a renowned e-learning company that provide online, interactive and fully customizable courses to satisfy almost every conceivable health and safety or human resource requirement.

The new and improved ErgoWize course has been completely redesigned and incorporates a stylish new look and feel. Course content has also been updated to reflect the most authoritative and advanced ergonomic advice currently available and new technological trends such as the use of mobile devices, tablets and touchscreens and how these affect the working environment.

EssentialSkillz say that enrolling on a course like ErgoWize has a multitude of benefits for any savvy business out there. The unique authoring tool is built-in to the management system allowing an administrator to edit content specifically for the needs of their own company. For larger companies the same content can be delivered across multiple sites and the dynamic risk assessment content actively encourages users to resolve their own issues. This means that risk assessors need only get involved for real and significant issues that require their expertise to achieve resolution.

EssentialSkillz are aware of the realities of the ecomonic challenges that many companies are facing up to, but they argue that the newly updated ErgoWize course will not only safeguard the health and safety of the office-worker, but can ultimately help to eliminate many potentially exorbitant long-term costs on a business. The workplace has seen an increase in sick days, musculoskeletal injuries, compensation claims and health and safety fines in recent times and ensuring that the workforce undergo and complete the acclaimed ErgoWize training course helps protect against such eventualities. The O-LAS Learning Management System (LMS) seamlessly integrates with the ErgoWize software and allows health and safety and human resource managers to review, track and manage course participation. On completion of the self-paced online training course the employees are awarded customized certificates as a recognition of their new awareness of expected ergonomics standards.

Managing Director of EssentialSkillz, Julian Roberts outlined the company's strategy for providing a quality E-Learning product, "In the current economic climate it is crucial that an affordable training delivery system can be offered without affecting quality. Training should remain affordable while at the same time reflect recent technological developments. This enables us to deliver a product that is more accessible than ever and can be customized to the individual needs of our clients. The quality of the new service model will improve training take up rates and provide comprehensive training data while at the same time can even potentially reduce costs, for example, the delivery of an online training course with a built-in reporting mechanism, can negate the need to hire on-site assessors."