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    • CrossKnowledge unveils newly designed My Learning Mobile app with a webinar

      CrossKnowledge | London, United Kingdom |

      With the pandemic accelerating the trend towards digital learning with anytime, anywhere access now is the time to explore the option of mobile learning for your workforce. This webinar will focus on the possibilities that Mobile learning opens for a deskless workforce and introduces the newly updated CrossKnowledge My Learning mobile app.

    • Introducing the CrossKnowledge Hub

      CrossKnowledge | London, United Kingdom |

      A virtual space where L&D professionals can meet and discuss trending topics in an informal environment. Our first CrossKnowledge Discussion Hub will focus on ‘Digital Learning Maturity‘.

    • CrossKnowledge presents A Qualitative Study on the Digital Learners Perspective

      CrossKnowledge | London, United Kingdom |

      Digital learning has experienced a rapid acceleration of popularity during 2020 with many organisations implementing digital solutions for the first time. CrossKnowledge has commissioned a qualitative study to discover what our end users really want from their learning platforms. The resulting research is a must read for any L&D professional no matter of their organisations maturity with digital learning.

    • CrossKnowledge and Elucidat announce global partnership

      CrossKnowledge | London, United Kingdom |

      We are delighted to announce our new partnership with Elucidat, an award-winning e-learning authoring tool. Paired up with the CrossKnowledge full learning technology suite, we are set to provide large employers with the most comprehensive and impactful skill building offering on the market. We believe Elucidat is the best tool in the market for scalable and easy content creation, offering our clients a complete & collaborative workflow for efficient content creation governance, advanced customization possibilities and unprecedented ease of use for the industrialization of content creation.

    • Balancing Act: Why the Future of Work is Equitable

      CrossKnowledge | London, United Kingdom |

      CrossKnowledge and getAbstract have joined forces to create a unique panel event aiming to help boost employee well-being and to help restore balance for your colleagues.

    • CrossKnowledge on the 3 Most Common People Challenges facing Organisations Today

      CrossKnowledge | London, United Kingdom |

      CrossKnowledge has partnered with Natalie Harvey to provide a series of webinars and resources focusing on the solutions to 3 of the most common people challenges facing organisations today: coaching team empowerment and avoiding micromanagement; listening skills for managers; coaching a team and cultivating abilities.

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