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Discover CrossKnowledge's latest eBook on Shared Purpose

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[EBOOK] How Purpose-Led Learning Ignites Employee Engagement: three Levels of Impact for L&D Leaders. Employees need a shared story to feel connected, one that gives meaning to their work and relationships with colleagues. Simply put, employees need to be part of a collective purpose.


When your employees work remotely, everything becomes digital.

It’s easy for your team to become disengaged and detached from their colleagues and their impact on the company. By making purpose-led learning part of the culture, your programs can bring groups together for a shared learning experience that’s aligned with your unique organizational needs, goals and culture. L&D leaders are key to making this happen.

Discover in CrossKnowledge's latest e-Book, How Purpose-Led Learning Ignites Employee Engagement:

  • How you can galvanize collective purpose at the individual, group or organizational, and societal levels
  • How you, as an L&D leader, can forge a meaningful legacy to which learners have a claim, while advancing employee growth and development through purpose-led learning
  • Why and how facilitated or cohort-based learning programs can activate purpose and improve employee engagement

The e-Book is available to download: How Purpose-Led Learning Ignites Employee Engagement