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CrossKnowledge on the 3 Most Common People Challenges facing Organisations Today

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CrossKnowledge has partnered with Natalie Harvey to provide a series of webinars and resources focusing on the solutions to 3 of the most common people challenges facing organisations today: coaching team empowerment and avoiding micromanagement; listening skills for managers; coaching a team and cultivating abilities.

Natalie Harvey
Natalie Harvey 

CrossKnowledge has partnered with consultant and coach Natalie Harvey to tackle 3 of the most common people challenges facing managers today with a series of webinars with accompanying resources.

The first challenge Natalie is tackling is team empowerment, providing the tools and coaching to enable employees to make decisions for your business and avoiding the pitfalls of micromanagement.

This is a crucial skill for managers to master especially in busy teams as it:

  • Frees up managers
  • Increases employee effort
  • Boosts engagement throughout the workforce

The Wharton University of Pennsylvania cites a study of more than 7,000 employees, which found that employees with a high level of empowerment had an engagement level at the 79th percentile.  With employee engagement also being linked to tangible business results, this is a skill that every leader should be working towards.

The second is listening. As Julie Starr states (The Coaching Manual’ 4th Edition) “The art of listening is generally misunderstood as a behaviour and underrated as a skill.”

Stephen Covey [The Seven Habits of Highly Successful People] suggests that people often do not listen in a conversation, instead, they rush to talk and give advice or opinion. In this session Natalie will discuss the 4 types of listening to help resolve this issue and help managers to effectively use their listening skills to obtain a better understanding of people and situations.

The final challenge being considered is coaching with a focus on using this skill to develop capability within a team. Using examples from her own experience Natalie will share tips on how to coach a team to cultivate their abilities. A particularly useful skill at a time when organisations may be looking to develop the capabilities of their employees.

8th Oct, 2pm BST: 5 Ways to Team Empowerment


21st Oct, 2pm BST: Listening Skills: The Key to Team Success


4th Nov, 2pm GMT: Developing Capability through Coaching


Featured Expert

Natalie Harvey

Learning Consultant & Coach (ICF, FLPI, MCIPD)

Working in the construction industry for the last 20 years, operating at a senior level in Human Resources and Learning and Development, latterly for Saint-Gobain in Paris (one of the world’s top 100 innovative businesses and a global Top Employer), Natalie has considerable experience of developing people and leadership capability. Now she has her own business, CoDevelopYou, encouraging individuals to discover themselves, develop their behaviours and leverage their strengths; and with leadership teams to develop their capability and positively impact organisation, team and individual performance and development.