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CrossKnowledge on the evolution of digital learning maturity models

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Cedric Borzee, Senior Learning Advisor at CrossKnowledge explores the evolution of maturity models and how they can be used to boost the value of L&D to an organisation.


Digital Learning Maturity is a concept that has been around in different forms since the mid century. The purpose of learning maturity is to understand how learning can impact business performance and there are several maturity models that aim to show the way towards organizational performance and greater learning outcomes.

Given the recent and rapid move to digital learning across L&D, Digital Learning Maturity is bound to become a key topic for organisations as they attempt to pivot and execute their learning strategy during these challenging times. The models can help with this change by providing benchmarks and structure to L&D plans.

On September 10th at 2pm BST Cedric will be hosting a webinar on this topic focusing on how to apply Digital Learning Maturity Models to create more value with Digital Learning. A hot topic during these times of digital transformation.

This Webinar Will Explore These Key Areas of Learning Maturity:

  • What is Digital Learning Maturity?
  • Why does it matter?
  • Where does it come from?
  • How to apply and increase value?


About Cedric

Cedric has 15 years of professional experience in the fields of Communications, CSR, Media Relations, HR, and L&D. During his 6 years CrossKnowledge, he has specialized in digital learning as a driver for business transformation and people performance.

He has recently completed an Executive MBA at ESSEC Business School and an International Masterclass in L&D Leadership at Nyenrode Business School.

Webinar : The Value of Digital Learning Maturity to your Organization