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CrossKnowledge publishes a new eBook on Digital Transformation

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Our new e-Book shows you Nathan Furr’s end-to-end method for designing a winning digital transformation.

Digital transformation is a top priority for many companies. But while they are aware of the importance of seizing the opportunities offered by the digital revolution, many struggle to design a robust strategy to meet this key challenge. And even if they do manage to craft a great strategy, a large number often fail at the execution stage.

In this new e-book CrossKnowledge Faculty member Nathan Furr provides an end-to-end method for designing a winning digital transformation.

Download the e-book to get advice on:

  • The use of platforms as the engine of your transformation.
  • Building and leveraging an ecosystem of partners.
  • New opportunities the digital world offers to reinvent your business model.
  • Implementing your digital transformation strategy within your organization.

Download the e-book How to Design and Manage a Successful Digital Transformation

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