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CrossKnowledge x Henkel Webinar on Offering a Consistent Global Upskilling Solution

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How Henkel offers a consistent global upskilling solution with an effective blended learning approach

Register to CrossKnowledge's latest webinarHow Henkel offers a consistent global upskilling solution with an effective blended learning approach, taking place on January 19, 2023 at 4pm GMT.

CrossKnowledge experts Anna Jokisch, Senior Learner Marketing Consultant, and Harmy Ghataore, Key Account Executive, will present how Henkel, a global company with more than 53,000 employees in five regions, has transformed its classroom-only training portfolio into an enriched blended training offer to meet the needs of an increasingly complex and dynamic environment. Two versions are available for each former classroom training course: one with a mix of virtual and face-to-face facilitation and one with fully virtual classrooms.

In this project, the company was looking to replace partially outdated training elements with a new and globally applicable "blended learning concept" that fosters social learning and leverages the value added by expert facilitation. CrossKnowledge was chosen as a strategic partner to provide a new learning experience for Henkel employees worldwide, regardless of hierarchy or location.

What were the goals of this program?

  • Provide a consistent learning experience for all employees, regardless of location or hierarchy
  • Provide meaningful human-centered touchpoints in a hybrid work environment
  • Align the competencies of employees worldwide
  • Empower employees to proactively shape their own development
  • Promote sustainable learning and the application in the workplace
  • Foster social learning
  • Dramatically increase the number of active learners while reducing costs for learning
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