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CrossKnowledge presents Nathan Furr's infographic on Digital Transformation

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Discover the different steps in building a digital transformation strategy in this infographic.


Digital transformation is the biggest challenge for organizations and their employees to deal with.

As the pace of change is ever more rapid, it is essential to equip your leaders and managers on how to design effective strategy for digital transformation. We thought this infographic as « pense-bete » could come in handy, as it briefly outlines the different stages in building digital transformation strategy.

Only 30% of digital transformations meet their stated goal. The rest fail because of bad strategic decisions or problems with execution. This could mean additional costs and a loss of confidence from your workforce. Today, digital transformation is a top priority for many companies, and most are aware of the importance of seizing the opportunities offered by the digital revolution. 

Follow this 5-step methodology from CrossKnowledge Faculty member Nathan Furr to design a robust strategy that includes vital support and buy-in from colleagues and stakeholders: