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Learning News at Learning Technologies 2023 with conference speakers, exhibitors and event organisers.


Learning News spent the two days talking to participants about the learning technology market, vendors’ offerings, challenges and priorities for the year ahead.

These are our highlights from the two days of filming interviews with learning providers exhibiting at the show, people speaking at the conference and with the organisers.

And below are links to our full coverage from the event. 

Zahra Clarke-Johnney, UK Sports Institute: Learning Technologies 30u30
Dr Nigel Paine: Learning Technologies 30u30
Donald H Taylor, Learning Technologies: Showing value
Sarah Mian, Access: Access Accelerate launches
Christian Foerg, Access: Access Accelerate launches
Frank Furnari, ARuVR: Extended reality learning
Louise Greenhoff, The AA: Extended reality learning
Nick Jones, Blue Eskimo: L&D recruitment market conditions
Jeff Fissel, Bridge: Intelligent skill development
Cathy Hoy, CLO100, and Helen Marshall, THRIVE 
Guillaume Gérard, CrossKnowledge: Facilitated learning programs
Chris Littlewood, Filtered: Solving content chaos
Myles Runham, Fosway: Digital learning market trends
Matt Donovan, GP Strategies: GP Strategies and LEO coming together
Guy McEvoy, GuyKat - Digital learning services
Marjolein Koggel, iSpring: Easy elearning authoring
Kevin M. Yates, L&D Detective: Measuring impact
Andy Costello, Kineo: Kineo Analytics launches
Tom McDowall, The Learning Network: Community and support
Lindsey Coode, Learning Pool: Generative AI and trusted content
Kevin Keating, Learning Pool - Up-skilling and mobility
Anna Lloyd, Learning Pool - Up-skilling and mobility
Owen Ferguson, Mind Tools: Generative AI and trusted content
Nahdia Khan, Mind Tools: Empowering L&D
Nicole Horsman, Netex: Learning Cloud 6
Patrick Jocelyn, Omniplex Learning: A complete solution
Emil Reisser-Weston, Open eLMS: AI elearning generator
Camilia Miccolis, Rise Up: You don’t need an LMS
Lefteris Ntouanoglou, Schoox: Complex enterprises
Armin Hopp, Speexx: New people development platform
Olivia Haywood, Sponge: Unforgettable learning
Matt Mundey, Think Learning: Totara service partner
Helen Marshall, THRIVE: Compliance Club
Lars Hyland, Totara: Learning outcomes
Ben Laycock, Valamis: Complete learning solution