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Jeff Fissel from LTG chats to Rob Clarke at Learning News about Bridge, LTG’s learning and skills platform which now includes the gomo authoring and Instilled LXP products.


Bridge's priority in 2023 is enhancing its skills management offering to help organisations understand the skills they have, those they need and then building content and programmes to 'bridge' the gap. 

Jeff Fissel explains: “As it becomes harder to find people in the market to close those (skills) gaps, we have to have the capabilities inside and know who the people are in our organisation that are close to being able to develop and take that next leap into the next role.” 

Bridge, traditionally a mid-market LMS, has evolved with the addition of the gomo authoring application and Instilled LXP and is today also suitable for larger enterprises with complex structures: it recently announced a deal with accountant certification body, AICPA, which has a 400,000 strong membership.

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