News stories from The Access Group in 2019

Unicorn publishes latest insights into regulatory compliance

The Access Group | 01 Oct 2019

Unicorn releases new edition of its InFocus publication covering hot topics in regulatory compliance.

Unicorn Training has created a new SM&CR toolkit

The Access Group | 09 Sep 2019

Unicorn Training defines 9 simple steps to set up an LMS to support firms SM&CR's obligations.

Unicorn Training to present an online event about creating Fit & Proper tests using Forms & Workflows

The Access Group | 09 Sep 2019

Unicorn Training's Learning Managers will present an online event about a number of tools that help organisations fall under the Certificate Regime.

Cyber Security - we all have our role to play

The Access Group | 26 Jul 2019

Nick Wilding, General Manager of Cyber Resilience at Unicorn's content provider RESILIA shares some key learnings from his experience in offering GCHQ-certified online cyber awareness training that can help organisations combat the ever-growing cyber threat.

Unicorn Training Q2 Update and Q3 Preview

The Access Group | 23 Jul 2019

2019 continues to see exciting changes for Unicorn with the launch of its Governance Risk and Compliance suite as well as new third-party content. All GRC courses that were updated in Q2 have also now been converted to the improved version of Unicorn's authoring tool - eCreator 2.0.

Unicorn Release Note 8.5

The Access Group | 04 Jul 2019

Unicorn LMS 8.5 brings improvements to many existing features, with enhanced form functionality with new fields and email options, as well as introducing better ways to report on them. Unicorn continues to update eCreator making it even easier to design content. There have been improvements to My Team Activity for tracking Team activity progress. This release also sees the introduction of the Qualification Portlet enhancing the Qualification functionality of the LMS.

A practical guide to compliance learning: Unicorn at LT Summer Forum

The Access Group | 26 Jun 2019

Next month Unicorn will be exhibiting at the Learning Technologies Summer Forum where Richard Whittington will also be presenting a seminar focused on Compliance Learning. To follow is an extract from what Richard is presenting.

Brand new AML and CTF training

The Access Group | 26 Jun 2019

Release of Unicorn's redesigned and revamped AML and CTF course is imminent. The updated course features enhanced content surrounding the practical tools and prevention methods for these crimes, as well as Countering Terrorist Financing content and its parallels to AML preventative measures. This course is targeted for release in July 2019.

Unicorn Release Note 8.4

The Access Group | 05 Jun 2019

Unicorn LMS 8.4 builds on Certification Regime support by introducing validation for Forms. Unicorn has significantly enhanced Diagnostic Assessments, which will now allow customers to use Likert scale-style questions to create learner-driven gap analysis assessments. In this release Unicorn has also made several improvements to eCreator and Administrators will notice a new-look Organisation & Users area. For its Users, Unicorn has introduced new portlets for Surveys and Qualification Plans.

Unicorn Release Note 8.3

The Access Group | 09 May 2019

Unicorn LMS 8.3 continues to enhance the Forms and Workflows functionality with the addition of Mandatory Training categories.

Unicorn Training Q1 Content Update

The Access Group | 09 Apr 2019

The Access Group welcomes Unicorn to the family

The Access Group | 04 Apr 2019