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Unicorn Training has created a new SM&CR toolkit

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Unicorn Training defines 9 simple steps to set up an LMS to support firms SM&CR's obligations.


For the Financial Conduct Authority (FCA), holding individuals to account is a key component of effective regulation. This was demonstrated with the introduction of the Senior Managers and Certification Regime (SM&CR) in 2016 and originally only applied to dual-regulated firms. In December 2019, the regime will become applicable to almost every firm regulated by the FCA.

Unicorn Training's video showcases how to take full advantage of their LMS tools while following 9 simple steps to setting up an LMS to support a firm’s obligations.

Unicorn Training have defined the following 9 steps:

  1. build a responsibilities map
  2. assign certified functions for staff
  3. define mandatory training ready to track in a fit & proper test
  4. create personal custom fields to capture key data to pull in to a fit & proper test
  5. track cpd
  6. create a fit and proper form template
  7. award a certificate
  8. use a chart report to track fitness & propriety across the organisation
  9. access forms as a manager or contributor

Further information on each step is available on Unicorn Training's SM&CR Toolkit webpage

The Unicorn LMS offers a specialist set of tools to meet the demands of the SM&CR, developed by experts to provide a comprehensive solution. There are many benefits to using these tools:

  • Straightforward to use
  • Fully integrated with the wider LMS
  • Automatically leverages key data such as CPD, regulatory training, and performance management
  • Minimises risk
  • Reduces manual overhead

Unicorn Training is hosting an online webinar to see the Certification Regime tools in action on Thursday 26th September at 10.30am. Contact the Learning Managers to book a place.