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Create a comprehensive learning culture with Access Accelerate

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The Access Group is delighted to announce the launch of Access Accelerate, bringing together Access Learning and Access Employee Performance delivering a comprehensive learning solution.

Create a Learning Culture with Access Accelerate

Nurturing a culture of learning within your organisation has never been more important, providing your employees with the skills to grow and develop, they will thrive in their professional and personal lives.

“This ethos was the driving force behind the proposition coming together; we wanted to create an offering that enables structured learning and encourages employees to take control of their professional development and strive to learn more. When organisations empower their people, they will improve retention rates and facilitate business growth.” Christian Foerg, General Manager of Access Learning.

Access Learning encompasses our three digital learning solutions: managed, personalised and self-directed learning. All are important pillars needed to create a diverse and impactful learning solution.

Managed learning provides employees with the training and development they need to perform their roles effectively. Offering wide-ranging eLearning content that meets the latest rules and regulations delivered on our our LMS, this provides the foundation of your learning culture.

Personalised learning is an approach which recognises that every learner is unique, with their own specific strengths and development needs.  Through assessments followed by tailored learning plans, employees can take actions in their  professional development journey to help them flourish.

Self-directed learning, powered by Bookboon, (acquired by The Access Group in 2022) gives employees the tools they need to elevate and build their knowledge, allowing them to take full ownership of their learning. This blended learning experience includes audio learning, eBooks, live virtual classrooms and recorded classrooms.  

Access Employee Performance provides visual means to set and measure employee objectives, manage appraisals, and encourage feedback, allowing you to manage learning as it becomes more instrumental within your organisation.

Bringing together our Learning offering and Employee Performance as Access Accelerate provides businesses with the robust training opportunities needed to create an impactful and long-lasting culture of learning, whilst also being able to track and measure the learning successfully.

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