News stories from Learning Now tv in 2020

Learning Now TV, Jun 25: effects of Covid-19 on HR and L&D services

Learning Now tv | 22 Jun 2020

LNTV, Jun 25, David Perring on Fosway's research into the effects of Covid-19 on HR and L&D services. Plus: 702010 Institute’s new initiative to refocus L&D onto business results; Robin Hoyle on the digital skills divide; a new start up company that can predict ‘forgetting’ and Donald Taylor discusses the rearranged Learning Technologies Summer Forum.

Learning Now TV, Jun 11: Dr Hannah Gore discusses the new normal in L&D

Learning Now tv | 08 Jun 2020

LNTV, Jun 11, Dr Hannah Gore describes how the flipped classroom model can bring huge benefits to organisations when the 'new normal' of work arrives.

2020 Learning Health Check, Gent Ahmetaj: a powerful learning culture

Learning Now tv | 26 May 2020

LNTV, May 28, Gent Ahmetaj from Emerald Works talks about the annual Learning Health Check and describes 6 habits which make up a powerful learning culture; plus Danielle Hamilton on how Thrive Learning is adapting to the lockdown; Will Thalheimer on conferences of the future; and Juliette Denny from Growth Engineering on designing online learning.

Kristina Tsiriotakis, DECIEM, on LNTV: planning for the future

Learning Now tv | 11 May 2020

LNTV, May 14, features an interview with Global L&D Director Kristina Tsiriotakis from DECIEM, the Abnormal Beauty Company, on how she is managing the current situation and helping to plan for the future; plus interviews with Kelly Davis on the LPI’s new digital academy for L&D professionals and Peter Labow on marketing strategy.

LNTV: L&D leading change during the lockdown

Learning Now tv | 24 Apr 2020

LNTV, April 30, includes interviews with learning leaders from Hilti, Monzo Bank and D&D London, on how they are leading change and adapting to the lockdown.

Coronavirus: learning and development on lockdown

Learning Now tv | 14 Apr 2020

On the first of two LNTV programmes this month, Kate Graham talks to Nigel Paine about the challenges and opportunities for learning and development during the Coronavirus pandemic.

Good Practice, Towards Maturity and Mind Tools combine into Emerald: Peter Casebow on LNTV

Learning Now tv | 23 Mar 2020

On March’s LNTV show Peter Casebow talks about combining Good Practice, Towards Maturity and MindTools into the Emerald Publishing Group. QA’s Lucy Cartlidge talks about change in the L&D space and her hopes for the Women in Learning movement. Plus Stephan Fahey on performance coaching, Karl Kapp on microlearning and Jane Hart on how to build a culture of continuous learning.

Andy Lancaster interview on Learning Now tv

Learning Now tv | 24 Feb 2020

On February’s LNTV show Andy Lancaster talks about his new role at CIPD and his book 'Driving Performance Through Learning'. Plus: a new reporter at LNTV, Lori Niles-Hofmann; Robin Hoyle on why aligning L&D to the business is proving so difficult; and the news highlights from Learning Technologies 2020.

Learning in the flow of work: Bob Mosher on Learning Now tv

Learning Now tv | 23 Jan 2020

On January’s LNTV show Nigel Paine interviews the learning in the flow of work evangelist and pioneer, Bob Mosher. Plus Jane Daly on Towards Maturity’s annual benchmark, Robin Hoyle on personalised learning and LNTV talks to digital learning market analyst, David Perring.