News stories from Learning Now tv in 2020

What lies ahead for the L&D sector?

Learning Now tv | 09 Dec 2020

Learning Now TV, Dec 10: Myles Runham, Teresa Spera, Sukh Pabial and Zahra Clarke-Johnney join LNTV to review L&D’s challenges in 2020 and look ahead to 2021. Plus Charity Learning Consortium and Sport England, Robin Hoyle, Hannah Gore and John Hinchliffe on the show.

AstraZeneca learning chief on LNTV

Learning Now tv | 24 Nov 2020

Learning Now TV, Nov 26: Brian Murphy, Global Head of Learning and Enterprise Capabilities at AstraZeneca, talks to LNTV this week about AstraZeneca's initiative to increase opportunities for learning. Plus LNTV looks at the impact of COVID-19 on the HE sector.

Learning Now TV: transforming learning and development at NHS Blood & Transplant Service

Learning Now tv | 09 Nov 2020

LNTV, Nov 12: Lisa Johnson talks to LNTV about transforming learning and development at NHS Blood & Transplant Service to a digital environment; Lori Niles-Hofmann talks about how the Covid-19 situation is affecting the working lives of people in L&D in Canada; plus reports from Martin Couzins, Robin Hoyle and Hannah Gore.

Learning Now TV: online doctoral programme for L&D practitioners

Learning Now tv | 27 Oct 2020

LNTV, Oct 29: Learning Now TV discusses the online MSc in Transdisciplinary Practice from Middlesex University run by Professor Brian Sutton; David Perring talks about Fosway's latest 9-Grid report; Kate explores the #BeTheRipple corporate kindness movement with Joanna Suvarna.

Learning and digital transformation: adapting to the pandemic

Learning Now tv | 12 Oct 2020

LNTV on October 15 considers how learning and development is adapting to the pandemic and the changes to workplace practices.

Learning Now TV: automating organisational processes

Learning Now tv | 07 Sep 2020

LNTV, Sep 10: David James from discusses automating organisational processes to reduce time spent on low-level tasks; Megan Torrance discusses helping employees to learn important things through meaningful learning experiences. Plus interviews with Zahra Clarke-Johnney from Southwark Council, Kevin Streater from CEdMA, and Robin Hoyle discusses algorithms following the A-Level grading fiasco.

Learning Now TV: Laura Overton and Vivian Heijnen talk L&D results

Learning Now tv | 10 Aug 2020

LNTV, Aug 13: Laura Overton and Vivian Heijnen discuss their efforts to refocus learning and development onto results and Christine Locher talks about making career and life-changing decisions.

Learning Now TV: good outcomes for L&D

Learning Now tv | 14 Jul 2020

LNTV, Jul 16, Michelle Ockers discusses good outcomes for L&D that have emerged as a result of the pandemic. Plus: Jane Bozarth on designing learning experiences that are focused on learners; Martin Couzins on the latest research in the L&D sector; Robin Hoyle makes the argument for L&D books; and LNTV talks to Sarah Ratcliffe about Ann Summers’ transformation away from home-house parties.

Learning Now TV, Jun 25: effects of Covid-19 on HR and L&D services

Learning Now tv | 22 Jun 2020

LNTV, Jun 25, David Perring on Fosway's research into the effects of Covid-19 on HR and L&D services. Plus: 702010 Institute’s new initiative to refocus L&D onto business results; Robin Hoyle on the digital skills divide; a new start up company that can predict ‘forgetting’ and Donald Taylor discusses the rearranged Learning Technologies Summer Forum.

Learning Now TV, Jun 11: Dr Hannah Gore discusses the new normal in L&D

Learning Now tv | 08 Jun 2020

LNTV, Jun 11, Dr Hannah Gore describes how the flipped classroom model can bring huge benefits to organisations when the 'new normal' of work arrives.

2020 Learning Health Check, Gent Ahmetaj: a powerful learning culture

Learning Now tv | 26 May 2020

Kristina Tsiriotakis, DECIEM, on LNTV: planning for the future

Learning Now tv | 11 May 2020

LNTV: L&D leading change during the lockdown

Learning Now tv | 24 Apr 2020

Coronavirus: learning and development on lockdown

Learning Now tv | 14 Apr 2020

Good Practice, Towards Maturity and Mind Tools combine into Emerald: Peter Casebow on LNTV

Learning Now tv | 23 Mar 2020

Andy Lancaster interview on Learning Now tv

Learning Now tv | 24 Feb 2020

Learning in the flow of work: Bob Mosher on Learning Now tv

Learning Now tv | 23 Jan 2020