News stories from Learning Now tv in 2019

The impact of artificial intelligence on learning: Donald Clark on Learning Now tv

Learning Now tv | 22 Nov 2019

Nigel Paine interviews Donald Clark on November’s LNTV about AI’s likely impact on learning. Plus the results of a four-day working week trial and reports from around the world from LNTV reporters.

Digital content development on Learning Now tv

Learning Now tv | 24 Oct 2019

October’s LNTV hears from David James on digital content development, Danny Seals about Learning Experience Design and Liggy Webb on life skills. Nigel Paine talks to Martin Couzins on Slack’s state of work report, plus regulars Robin Hoyle and Euan Semple.

Women in Learning panel on Learning Now tv

Learning Now tv | 23 Sep 2019

September’s LNTV programme includes a Women in Learning panel session with Kate Graham, Alex Watson, Andrew Jacobs and Lydia Charilaou, an interview with Learning Technologies Group CEO, Jonathan Satchell, as well as reports from Martin Couzins, Robin Hoyle and Brent Schlenker.

Learning Now tv: experiences in education and corporate learning

Learning Now tv | 23 Aug 2019

August’s LNTV includes interviews with Neal Hutton on his experiences in the education and corporate learning sectors, Laura Emson from Cambridge Assessment, who won a rising star award at the Learning Awards and Krystyna Gadd on her new book 'How to not waste money on training’, as well as LNTV regulars Martin Couzins, Robin Hoyle and Euan Semple.

Learning Now tv: the challenges women face in business

Learning Now tv | 22 Jul 2019

Career coach Hira Ali discusses the challenges women face on their road to professional success on Learning Now tv. Plus young entrepreneur Ed Beccle on HR apps, CIPD’s Health and well-being at work report and a report from #WomenInLearning Conference.

L&D’s misconceptions about ‘digital’ on Learning Now tv

Learning Now tv | 20 Jun 2019

On June’s Learning Now tv Myles Runham presents a clearer view of ‘digital’ for L&D, Cathy Moore talks about performance-focused learning design and a review of Royal Mail’s VR-based dog safety training programme.

How People Learn: Nick Shackleton-Jones on Learning Now tv

Learning Now tv | 28 May 2019

On May’s Learning Now tv: Nick Shackleton-Jones - How People Learn; Virtual Reality, Augmented Reality and 360 degree learning technology; Learning Leader of the Year, Loiza Tallon.

Building workplace capability and value-based learning with 70:20:10

Learning Now tv | 18 Apr 2019

On April’s Learning Now tv: Charles Jennings on building workplace capability and value-based learning, Barbara Thompson hosts April’s panel of young L&D professionals, Steve Wheeler introduces his new book ‘Digital Learning in Organisations’ and Martin Couzins reviews Towards Maturity’s 2019 report.

Women in Learning on Learning Now tv

Learning Now tv | 22 Mar 2019

The Women in Learning campaign is showcased on March’s Learning Now tv along with David James on learning at the point of work, how AI is being used to develop lawyers’ skills and Learning Now tv welcomes a new regular reporter, Euan Semple.

February’s Learning Now tv: in depth features and comment on the learning sector

Learning Now tv | 25 Feb 2019

On February’s Learning Now tv Michelle Ockers challenges L&D’s to support a wider range of performance needs. Martin Couzins highlights some worrying news from the Learning Technologies’ and Fosway’s latest research. Nigel Paine catches up with young L&D professionals in the Netherlands. Plus Robin Hoyle on impact measurement, Good Practice’s annual 70:20:10 research and Learning News reports from Learning Technologies 2019.

Young L&D professionals: Learning Now tv panel

Learning Now tv | 21 Jan 2019