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L&D’s misconceptions about ‘digital’ on Learning Now tv

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On June’s Learning Now tv Myles Runham presents a clearer view of ‘digital’ for L&D, Cathy Moore talks about performance-focused learning design and a review of Royal Mail’s VR-based dog safety training programme.

Myles Runham: digital misconceptions
Myles Runham: digital misconceptions 

On June’s Learning Now tv Barbara Thompson talks to Myles Runham who believes our understanding of what digital is requires greater clarity and has some advice for the L&D profession.

Nigel Paine talks to James Barton from Royal Mail, who has helped to reduce dog attacks on postal workers with a virtual reality-based training programme. Cathy Moore is in the LNTV studio to talk about her Action Mapping learning design process and Kevin Maye explains how his small charity is making a big impact bringing training to the public with digital technology.

Also on June’s show, LNTV’s regular contributors: Euan Semple on fast-approaching new technology, Robin Hoyle on how poor induction programmes can lead to disaster and Martin Couzins reviews the Deloitte Capital Trends Report.

This month’s Learning Now tv is on Thursday June 27 at 10 am UK time. And the show will be available on catch up from the LNTV website three days later.

The full programme of interviews and features for June’s LNTV show:

  • Leading digital and learning consultant Myles Runham talks to Barbara Thompson about the misconceptions L&D has about just what digital is and he provides a clear view for L&D professions to take forward.

  • James Barton, Digital Learning Manager at Royal Mail, talks to Nigel about their award-winning project using VR to train and protect thousands of postal workers against dog attacks.

  • Cathy Moore talks to Nigel about Action Mapping - the course design process she developed that helps you analyse a performance problem and design solutions that work.

  • Regular correspondent Euan Semple highlights the huge opportunity for L&D teams to get up to speed with the latest technology to help people deal with what’s heading our way in the near future.

  • This month Robin Hoyle focuses on the importance of a thorough formal induction programme and cites how failings of the informal programme at a residential care home led to disastrous results.

  • Kevin Maye of the Good Things Foundation talks to Gemma Critchley about the small charity that is making great progress in bringing training to the public through the use of digital technology.

  • Our regular research discussion between Martin Couzins and Nigel Paine focuses on the recent Deloitte Capital Trends Report 2019.

The next Learning Now tv programme is on Thursday June 27 at 10 am UK time with the live social stream with Colin Steed starting at 9.50 am UK time.