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    • New Happy Book Released as Beta

      Happy | London |

      The Happy Manifesto, the second book from training company Happy Ltd, has been released in an online beta version. The idea is that, as with software, the book is market tested before publication with readers suggesting changes and even stories from their own experience.

    • 5th year as Best Workplace for Happy

      Happy | London |

      Training company Happy Ltd was this week rated as one of the UK's Best Workplaces for the 5th successive year. The company won the prestigious Laureate status as one of the few companies to have made the list five times in a row.

    • Happy's Henry Stewart rated as 'A Thinker Shaping the Future'

      Happy | Bucharest, Romania |

      The list of the world's 50 most influential business gurus is published today (15th October) at the Thinkers 50 conference in Bucharest. Henry Stewart, speaking at the conference, is included in the additional list of 'ones to watch'. Henry is Founder and Chief Executive of Happy Ltd, an award-winning training provider based in central London. 'He is one of the thinkers who we believe will shape the future of business' explained list compiler Stuart Crainer.

    • Happy Named as One of Top UK Employers for Working Families

      Happy | London |

      Happy Ltd, the training provider that includes Happy Computers, was today named as one of the top 20 employers in the UK for working families. This follows on from Happy being named as the best workplace in IT services and the best company in the UK for health and well-being, both in the last week. Happy joins a list that includes Accenture, BT, Ford, Lloyds TSB and the Nationwide Building Society.

    • Happy is best in UK for health and well-being

      Happy | London |

      Happy Ltd, the training company that includes Happy Computers, was last night named as the best company in the UK for the health and well-being for its staff. The award was given at the announcement of the annual Best Workplaces list. Happy was listed as one of the top 20 workplaces in the country for the fourth successive year.

    • Happy Computers Goes Carbon Neutral

      Happy | London, UK |

      Happy Computers this week became the first training provider in the UK to announce it has become carbon neutral in its impact on the environment; and Chief Executive Henry Stewart says he will be happy to help other training providers do the same.

    • Double Gold for Happy Computers

      Happy | London, UK |

      Happy Computers this week won Gold in both the IT Training Company of the Year and the IT Trainer of the Year categories at the annual Institute of IT Training awards.

    • Happy Computers Introduces Speed Learning, a New Way to Learn

      Happy | London, UK |

      Happy Computers has introduced an innovative new way to learn. On a Speed Learning day every student chooses a different subject to learn every hour and creates their own course. With 14 different options every hour, there are over 750,000 different possible combinations.

    • Study reveals email overload costs UK £38 BillionSimple tips can save over 3 hours a week

      Happy | London, UK |

      The cost to the UK economy of poor use of email is estimated today in the tens of billions. Research undertaken by Expert Messaging found that the typical office computer user could free up 41 minutes per day if they used email better. Taking into account only the salary cost of this lost time produces a figure of £38 billion, more than the GNP of Nigeria and 172 other of the world's economies.

    • Happy Computers shortlisted again for UK Customer Experience awards

      Happy | London, UK |

      Training provider Happy Computers has once again been rated as one of the best companies in the UK for customer service. Happy, a past winner, is one of four companies shortlisted in the business-to-business section of the 2007 UK Customer Experience awards.

    • Happy Computers reveals the two keys to training effectiveness

      Happy | London, UK |

      Post-course research by Happy Computers indicates that there are two factors that have the greatest impact on how much impact training has on productivity. One happens in the training room, the other doesn't. Click through to find out what they are....

    • Training company Happy Computers is 2nd best place to work in UK

      Happy | London, UK |

      Happy Computers were this week revealed as the UK runner up in the Best Workplaces awards. Celebrating mistakes, fully trusting your staff and giving them the freedom to work the way they want are key to this success. Happy believes any company can work this way and is setting up a new division, Happy People, to train companies to become great workplaces.

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