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    • Traineasy Awarded Place on G-Cloud 12

      Traineasy | Milton Keynes, UK |

      For the 5th consecutive year, Traineasy has been awarded supplier status on the UK Government’s latest G-Cloud framework: G-Cloud 12 Digital Marketplace.

    • Two Leading e-Learning Companies Join Forces

      Traineasy | UK |

      Two of the UK’s longest-standing e-learning companies, Learning Nexus and Traineasy, have embarked on a partnership that will enable both organisations to provide a wider range of services. The partnership will see Learning Nexus offering Traineasy’s LMS-X platform and Traineasy offering Learning Nexus’s comprehensive catalogue of e-learning content.

    • Traineasy Adapts to Coronavirus Pandemic by Changing its Business Model

      Traineasy | Milton Keynes, UK |

      In response to the Coronavirus pandemic, Traineasy has changed its business model to make it easier for customers needing to deploy an LMS quickly. Their new pay-as-you-go option provides customers with great flexibility at a particularly worrying time.

    • Traineasy Launches New Flagship Product, LMS-X

      Traineasy | Milton Keynes, UK |

      After two years in development, Traineasy's new flagship product, LMS-X is launched. In a move away from open source-based systems, LMS-X is architected with the PHP framework Laravel bringing huge design and security benefits to customers.

    • NHS Blood and Transplant upgrades its 'Shine Academy' to Traineasy LMS v3.4

      Traineasy | Milton Keynes, UK |

      Since 2014 NHS Blood and Transplant (NHSBT) has used Traineasy LMS, branded as the NHSBT Shine Academy, to manage compliance with statutory & mandatory training. A major upgrade, successfully completed in March 2019 sees Shine Academy relaunched as a mobile responsive solution with an extended catalogue of digital learning resources.

    • Traineasy Meets the National Data Guardian Standards

      Traineasy | Milton Keynes, UK |

      The NHS Data Security and Protection Toolkit is an online self-assessment tool that allows organisations to measure their performance against the National Data Guardian’s 10 data security standards. After a lot of work (100 mandatory evidence items provided and 40 assertions confirmed) Traineasy, a significant supplier of learning management and online appraisal solutions to the NHS in England, has shown it meets these standards.

    • Ashtead Plant Hire's launch of Traineasy LMS appraisal module a success

      Traineasy | Warrington, UK |

      Since 2011, Ashtead Plant Hire Co Ltd (A-Plant) has used Traineasy LMS to provide its employees with access to essential and soft skills training. The imaginatively branded Green Cafe, has now been relaunched with the Traineasy LMS integrated appraisal module.

    • Lectora Online Upgrade Provides Integrated Access to the e-Learning Brothers Library

      Traineasy | Milton Keynes, UK |

      A recent upgrade to Lectora Online provides integrated access to the e-Learning Brothers (eLB) Library enabling customers to enhance titles with course starters, games and interactions, and to select from a huge collection of cutout people characters, stock images, audio, and video assets.

    • Public Lectora and Articulate Storyline Classes in Milton Keynes Announced

      Traineasy | Milton Keynes, UK |

      On March 1st 2019, it was announced that Traineasy, an established re-seller of e-learning authoring tools, is now offering public Lectora and Articulate Storyline classes in Central Milton Keynes. For the first time delegates will be able to join a cohort and take advantage of the authoring tool workshops that until now have been available only on customer site.

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