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Two Leading e-Learning Companies Join Forces

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Two of the UK’s longest-standing e-learning companies, Learning Nexus and Traineasy, have embarked on a partnership that will enable both organisations to provide a wider range of services. The partnership will see Learning Nexus offering Traineasy’s LMS-X platform and Traineasy offering Learning Nexus’s comprehensive catalogue of e-learning content.

A video gallery in LMS-X
A video gallery in LMS-X 

What will Learning Nexus gain from the partnership?

The LMS-XTM platform, which Learning Nexus will now be offering, has 2 key advantages; rapid deployment and a Netflix style video gallery to capitalise on modern learning behaviours.

The ability to rapidly deploy an LMS solution enables Learning Nexus to be much more responsive in the market. It is estimated that the new LMS-X will reduce implementation time by around 66%, allowing Learning Nexus and their clients to begin embedding a learning culture within their organisation in a much speedier fashion.

Learning Nexus are also keen to deliver platforms that complement modern learning behaviours. Pew Research Centre found that 70% of American adults use video websites such as YouTube to “figure out how to do things they haven’t done before”. In addition, searches for “how-to” videos on YouTube are growing at a rate of 70% year-on-year.

Those statistics, along with many others, were all the evidence Learning Nexus needed to know that LMS-X was the perfect platform for the future millennial workforce.

Peter Howell, Managing Director of Learning Nexus said: “We are delighted to be partnering with Traineasy. Being able to deploy an LMS much more quickly will enable us to respond to the needs of our clients, and possibly support the more unique or demanding enquiries we previously couldn’t”.

How will Traineasy benefit?

Traineasy will now be offering more than 200 e-learning courses, and have access to Learning Nexus’s 'Learning Choice Programme'. This programme will see a huge number of existing e-learning courses being put into a bitesize format, with each course lasting no more than 15 minutes. In addition to the bitesize approach, additional learning resources will be created for each course, for an example an eBook, so that learners have more choice to choose a method of learning that suits their learning behaviour.

Tim Dyer, Managing Director of Traineasy commented: “We wanted to partner with Learning Nexus as we share a common ethos - to offer customers at all stages of their journey with us, service that exceeds their expectations and products that support modern ways of working. The Learning Nexus content range is learner-centric in design, up-to-date, and continuously expanding in response to customer demand.”

An Impressive Beginning

Within weeks of the partnership becoming official, both parties are already seeing benefits and additional interest in their services. Learning Nexus has already delivered the LMS-X platform to a client who needed to be up and running within a short period. Meanwhile, Traineasy is enjoying being able to service enquiries for a wide range of content from GDPR to accredited food safety training. During the Covid-19 outbreak, both Learning Nexus and Traineasy have found a way to meet the changing needs of the marketplace; from rapidly deploying LMS’s to supplying e-learning content now that classroom sessions have been put on hold.

Sarah Lambie, Director of Business Development at Traineasy said: “For many organisations, now is the moment to deploy an LMS as it can be used to connect, support and upskill employees forced to be working from home. Employee’s own videos of them knowledge sharing in the video gallery of LMS-X is an exciting opportunity for customers we are speaking with at the moment.”

About Learning Nexus

Learning Nexus is an award-winning online learning solutions provider, based in the UK. Through the provision of off-the-shelf e-learning content, learning management systems and bespoke e-learning, Learning Nexus has supported a wide number of organisations in both the public and private sector, to meet the ever-changing needs of their learners.

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