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New Season of Great Minds on Learning, Learning Hack at Learning Technologies

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Season 6 of Great Minds on Learning podcast launches with an episode on Leadership on 15th April 2024. Meanwhile the Learning Hack is a media partner for the Learning Technologies Exhibition & Conference, and will record a special episode at the show, 17th and 18th April.

Sneak Peek at the new season of Great Minds on Learning
A new season of the much-acclaimed podcast Great Minds on Learning with Donald Clark begins on Monday 15th April. The first episode is an exploration of the theories and controversy concerning leadership learning. Details have also been shared of the subject areas covered in successive podcasts:
  • 15-04-24 Leadership
  • 29-04-24 Scribes
  • 13-05-24 Psychoanalysts
  • 28-05-24 Continental Theorists
  • 10-06-24 Q&A
  • 24-06-24 Connectionists
The Q&A episode is a first for the podcast. Listeners are asked to send in their questions about any aspect of learning theory covered in the 30+ episodes published so far. 
Great Minds on learning is produced by the same production team responsible for the popular Learning Hack podcast, rated by Listen Notes as among the top 5% of podcasts listened to globally.
The Learning Hack has just completed its first season of the year, but will record a series of interviews for a special episode at the Learning Technologies Exhiition & Conference, London, which takes place on 17th and 18th April, for release in early May. The Learning Hack is a media partner for the event, which celebrates its 25th birthday this year.