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Learning Hack Launches New Podcast Mini-Series on Ukraine Aid Dash

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The Learning Hack has launched a much-anticipated podcast mini-series chronicling Andy Wooler, SVP Product Management at Area9 Lyceum, and John Helmer's recent Ukraine roadtrip. Andy, also chair of Ukraine Fundraiser 2022, a voluntary organization aiding Ukraine with essential supplies, was joined by John on a hospital visit in Lviv. The trip is documented in three podcast episodes: 'Getting There,' 'Being There,' and 'Coming Home.' The first episode dropped this week, with subsequent releases scheduled during August. Notably, the series features interviews with Ukrainian learning professionals, including an Odesa-based learning tech CEO and an elearning specialist now living in exile.

The Learning Hack has launched their hotly awaited mini-series of podcast episodes chronicling John Helmer and Andy Wooler's recent visit to Ukraine. As well as being SVP Product Management at Area9 Lyceum, Andy is also chair of Ukraine Fundraiser 2022, a voluntary organization that collects and transports humanitarian aid to Ukraine in the form of much needed medical and surgical supplies as well as clothing, PPE, food etc. John Helmer joined him on his latest run to a hospital in Lviv, and is documenting that trip in three podcast episodes:
  1. Getting There
  2. Being There
  3. Coming Home

The Podcast series is sponsored by Area9Lyceum.

Episode 1: Getting There was released this week to audio, and a full-video version will appear on YouTube shortly. Episodes two and three will drop in the next few weeks, and will feature interviews with learning professionals including a learntech CEO currently operating in Ukraine, and an elearning specialist who has had to go into exile. The podcast series also features learning theorists from the Great Minds on Learning podcast series, as Andy and John pass through cities where they lived and worked.
All podcast episodes are available on the platforms where people usually get their podcasts, or through the Learning Hack website:
More information about Ukraine Fundraiser is available here:
And those who would like to support their work and help out the people of Ukraine with a donation can do so here: