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Learning Hack Joins Road Trip to Aid Ukraine

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The Learning Hack podcast's host, John Helmer, joins adaptive learning expert Andy Wooler for a road trip to aid Ukraine. Andy chairs Ukraine Fundraiser 2022, a voluntary organization collecting and transporting humanitarian aid to Ukraine. John will document the journey through interviews and an audio diary for the podcast.

The Learning Hack podcast recently dropped the last episode in its eighth season, but has big plans for the Summer break.
This August, Showrunner and Host John Helmer will be joining adaptive learning expert Andy Wooler in one of his regular monthly runs to war-torn Ukraine. As well as being SVP Product Management at Area9 Lyceum, Andy is also chair of Ukraine Fundraiser 2022, a voluntary organization that collects and transports humanitarian aid to Ukraine in the form of much needed medical and surgical supplies as well as clothing, PPE, food etc.
John will document the trip in the form of an audio diary for the podcast, and plans are also being laid to interview learning professionals based in Ukraine about the unique challenges they face. Watch out also for social media posts and livestreams along the way. 
More information about Ukraine Fundraiser is available here:
And those who would like to support their work and help out the people of Ukraine with a donation can do so here:
Travel broadens great minds
En route to Ukraine, John will catch up with Andy, who was interviewed for the podcast last year, about what recent developments in generative AI hold for the future development of adaptive learning. And since the road trip to Ukraine will involve passing through some of Northern Europe's most historic cities, it also gives the opportunity to recap the lives and works of some of the theorists covered in Learning Hack's sister podcast Great Minds on Learning, including Ebbinghaus, Huizinga and Kandel.
Notes to Editors
Ukraine Fundraiser 2022
Ukraine Fundraiser 2022 was formed at the start of the Russian invasion of Ukraine by Mike and Annie Hockham. Since then the organization has made more than 18 runs to Kyiv, the Donetsk Region, Zaporizhia, Lviv, Dnipro and other destinations, targetting aid to those who need it the most in cooperation with not only partners in the UK but also friends and contacts in Ukraine including the Charity "Future of the Children of Ukraine".
Ukraine Fundraiser 2022 understands that times are difficult at home but in Ukraine there are people whose lives have been totally destroyed. They have lost everything and had to move quickly to survive, sometimes even under fire.
It is these people the organization exists to help, as well as those who are helping them to rebuild their lives. In doing so it relies completely on donations, every penny of which goes towards funding this vital work.
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