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Great Minds on Learning and the Learning Hack podcast back for new seasons

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The Learning Hack team launches new seasons of both its acclaimed podcasts. Great Minds on Learning kicks off with an episode on the contentious theories around Learning Styles, while on the Learning Hack podcast Nigel Paine poses the question: 'Is L&D too inward-looking?'

New GMoL ep explores Learning Styles
New GMoL ep explores Learning Styles  

The Learning Hack team has launched new seasons of both its acclaimed podcasts.

Great Minds on Learning Season Three kicks off today with an episode on Learning Styles. The regular team of hosts Professor Donald Clark and John Helmer take a nuanced view of this widely discredited branch of learning theory that nevertheless still has its adherents. Did it perhaps get something right?

The next episode of Great Minds on Learning, to be released 29 September, will be about VR and the Metaverse - and will actually be recorded in the metaverse.

Season Seven of the Learning Hack podcast airs with an interview with Nigel Paine, a well known figure in the industry, which posed the question: 'Is L&D too inward-looking?' Future guests will include Andy Wooler of Area9, and Rebecca Rolland, author of 'The Art of Talking With Children'.


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The Learning Hack team currently has two successful podcasts in production, both highly acclaimed and influential with the learning community. To get all episodes subscribe to audio editions of the Learning Hack podcast, and Great Minds on Learning - or follow them both on the YouTube channel. Together, they have garnered 48,000+ views and listens, in 106 countries around the world.

'I'm a big fan of John Helmer's podcast and absolutely love his sister podcast, Great Minds on Learning.' Laura Overton.

'A must-watch series for all L&D.' Alfred Remmits

'If you really want to understand the importance of purposeful practice in learning... and let's face it - you'd be a fool not to - this is for you.' David Perring

Acclaimed series Great Minds on Learning, back for a third season