News stories from The Access Group in 2020

Access Group launch webinar exploring how microlearning and gamification can support employee wellbeing

The Access Group | 07 May 2020

Access are bringing together best practices in the worlds of microlearning and gamification to deliver a webinar exploring how employers can implement innovative solutions to help improve the wellbeing of their workforce.

The Access Group Showcasing Digital Learning and Compliance Offering at Learning Technologies

The Access Group | 11 Feb 2020

The Access Group will be exhibiting for the first time at Learning Technologies this week, with the best-in-breed of digital learning and compliance names in one place for the first time.

Unicorn Training launch risk and resilience course

The Access Group | 09 Jan 2020

Unicorn Training have launched a new Risk and Operational Resilience course. The course sets the tone that ‘ultimately everyone in a firm owns and manages risk’. Emphasising that everyone has a direct responsibility for, and an impact on, risk.