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Access Group webinar - transitioning from face-to-face training to eLearning

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While navigating the ‘new normal’ UK businesses need to adapt in order to ensure key tasks continue successfully, without disruption to the business or its customers. Upskilling employees is a great way to create a cross-trained workforce without costly external hiring and eLearning is the perfect method to deliver the required training, remotely and at the point of need.


With organisations navigating the ‘new normal’, UK businesses are seeing an increasing need to assess and adapt business operations and structure. As a result, many organisations and employees are experiencing the impact of recruitment freezes, the furlough scheme or redundancy.

So, how can organisations ensure key tasks or processes continue successfully, without significant disruption to the business or its customers?

Resilient organisations are increasing focus on upskilling employees

Investing in upskilling has significant benefits for the organisation, including the creation of a well-rounded, cross-trained workforce at a fraction of the cost of hiring externally. What’s more, upskilling brings benefits for employees; with increased access to personal and professional development opportunities comes a boost in engagement and motivation.

By empowering individuals to train at the point of need, eLearning offers an ideal solution as it can be developed rapidly, it’s scalable and fulfils the increasing need to learn virtually.

Join Ali Soper, our expert on workplace skills, on 15th September at 2pm for a webinar that will cover:

• The ‘new normal' and the impact on recruitment and redundancy
• Why invest in upskilling & reskilling
• How to upskill effectively
• The power of microlearning to support rapid development and skill sharing 

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