News stories from Marshall E-Learning in 2021

Marshall E-Learning Consultancy brings together Diversity & Inclusion practitioners from 10 Universities for networking event

Marshall E-Learning | 17 Jun 2021

University and corporate Diversity & Inclusion practitioners came together yesterday for the first time in almost a year to discuss challenges and opportunities that they have faced over the course of the Pandemic.

Mentoring takes centre stage in Marshall’s new eLearning course with Bob Garvey

Marshall E-Learning | 16 Jun 2021

Marshall E-Learning are delighted to announce that we have developed a ‘one-stop’ mentoring portal designed to give mentors and mentees a solid foundation for embarking on a mentoring programme. Developed in partnership with Professor Bob Garvey, one of Europe’s leading academic practitioners of coaching and mentoring, this new course will guide you through a range of expert content on various mentoring topics.

Commitment to eLearning increases as further councils sign up with Marshall E-Learning

Marshall E-Learning | 08 Jun 2021

As the world starts to return to some sense of normal and offices slowly start to fill up as Covid restrictions are lifted, local councils have been taking a closer look at their eLearning needs to see how they can best support their workforce returning back from furlough and back into offices.

Irish Universities tackle equality, diversity and inclusion with the help of Marshall E-Learning

Marshall E-Learning | 26 May 2021

Marshall E-Learning, the specialist consultancy for diversity and equality learning, has partnered with the Irish Universities Association Equality Network to launch the Equality, Diversity and Inclusion (EDI) in Higher Education eLearning Programme to all 8 Universities in Ireland.

New ways to reinforce diversity eLearning

Marshall E-Learning | 29 Apr 2021

At Marshalls we create innovative, inspirational and impactful eLearning. But we also know that an effective and holistic approach to equality, diversity and inclusion doesn’t always start with our online modules, and that it never stops with them. That’s why we are now offering our clients an integrated wrap-round service through a suite of products which will maximise and embed the benefits delivered through our online courses.

New video-led course from Marshall E-learning raises awareness of mental health fatigue

Marshall E-Learning | 25 Feb 2021

What is mental health fatigue and how can managers help? Marshall E-Learning launches a unique video-led learning course.

Marshall E-Learning's Insiders/Outsiders course challenges mainstream Unconscious Bias training

Marshall E-Learning | 03 Feb 2021

Marshall E-Learning has developed an ‘Insiders and Outsiders’ e-learning course that adopts a radical approach to bias and stereotyping. The new course moves beyond traditional unconscious bias concepts, taking learners into the more nuanced world of micro-inequities and insider/outsider dynamics that feature in many organisations but are rarely analysed or acknowledged.