News stories from Marshall E-Learning in 2021

What is mental health fatigue and how can managers help? Marshall E-Learning launch a unique video-led learning course.

Marshall E-Learning | 25 Feb 2021

Mental health fatigue is a condition triggered by prolonged cognitive activity and it has existed prior to the pandemic. In light of the pandemic, and the extra challenges this brings to the workforce, Marshall E-Learning have launched a CPD certified course to raise awareness of mental health fatigue.

Marshall E-Learning's Insiders/Outsiders course challenges mainstream Unconscious Bias training

Marshall E-Learning | 03 Feb 2021

Marshall E-Learning has developed an ‘Insiders and Outsiders’ e-learning course that adopts a radical approach to bias and stereotyping. The new course moves beyond traditional unconscious bias concepts, taking learners into the more nuanced world of micro-inequities and insider/outsider dynamics that feature in many organisations but are rarely analysed or acknowledged.