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ALFE - a new, accessible LMS

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Marshalls have developed a new Learning Management System, ALFE - their most accessible LMS to date. Set to launch by the end of the year, the diversity and inclusion experts have developed this platform with everybody in mind.


Back in 2006, when they were known as Marshall ACM, the e-learing firm Marshalls developed “Karova” a platform for e-learning which complied with digital accessibility guidelines. The aim of this was to create a platform which would be accessible for all users, and for them not only to supply content, but also the platform in which their e-learning materials sit upon.

Built within the platform was a simple learning management system and the fact that e-learning and reporting was all within one system meant reporting functionality became seamless and could be relied on wholeheartedly. At this time, they found their clients to be frustrated with the compatibility of their content and their LMS using SCORM format. Many clients, for instance, had service tickets raised regarding the tracking ability of their LMS – many users completed their assigned courses, but their LMS would state otherwise.

One million customers later, Karova is still being used and was a core tool for public and private sector organisations who wanted to be W3C AA in terms of digital accessibility – attracting a broad spectrum, from The Open University, to The University of Oxford and SocGen Investment Bank.

Marshalls then switched their focus into the world of interactive e-learning, using richer content such as video and animation. This created the need for a SCORM LMS platform and so they partnered with LearnUpon to provide their current corporate platform.

However, what about all the customers that cannot afford a corporate LMS, are they excluded from using e-learning? They can try using an open source platform but in majorify of cases they would need to hire an LMS administrator to run it which is expensive – and secondly they never seem to function when it comes to scoring of assessments.

Inclusion is Marshalls game, so they had to make sure nobody was left behind.

David Marshall, Head of Marshalls said "We have seen a reassurgence in interest in digital accessibility which we at Marshalls welcome – this has culminated in the new WCAG guidelines. As such we have gone ahead and developed ALFE a platform designed for organisations who both do not have a budget for a corporate LMS, who cannot pay strict per user fees but need e-learning. Marshalls will run ALFE for customers so they do not have to hire their own LMS administrator and in time we will add tools so clients can also build their own e-learning".

ALFE is the new accessible learning platform from Marshalls. With this platform, they have met a minimum of WCAG 2.1, AA level of accessibility. It is clear Marshalls heavily believe in Equality and Diversity, and it is a core part of their business. You can see what their commitment to accessbility covers here.

Marshalls will run ALFE for customers so they do not have to hire their own LMS administrator and in time will add tools so clients can also build their own e-learning. ALFE is also their most accessible LMS yet.

This gives clients a strong choice of either corporate standard e-learning, backed by a functionality rich platform – all of which can be made WCAG accessible, or a platform which is seamlessly accessible throughout as it has been designed from the ground up with accessibility in mind. A simple pricing mechanism which is affordable and which for their users is very easy to use.

If you would like to talk more about their contribution to digital accessibility in e-learning and enabling those currently excluded to enjoy the benefits of interactive learning, you can contact them here, or check out their website here