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New ways to reinforce diversity eLearning

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At Marshalls we create innovative, inspirational and impactful eLearning. But we also know that an effective and holistic approach to equality, diversity and inclusion doesn’t always start with our online modules, and that it never stops with them. That’s why we are now offering our clients an integrated wrap-round service through a suite of products which will maximise and embed the benefits delivered through our online courses.

Diversity Consultancy Services
Diversity Consultancy Services 

Spring always signifies the start of something new and here at Marshall E-Learning we are delighted to announce the launch of our new diversity consultancy service.

Available to both new and existing clients, this service reflects our focus on blended learning, where eLearning is reinforced and developed when combined with additional workshops and learning opportunities.

Our experience tells us that a strategic and joined-up approach to diversity learning is the most effective and impactful. As a result, Marshalls is now offering our clients an integrated wrap-round service through a suite of products which will maximise and embed the benefits delivered through our online courses.

What’s new?

Online diversity and inclusion learning often prompts as many questions as it answers and represents just the start of a diversity learning journey. It is important to build on online training with additional learning opportunities.  All Marshalls clients will benefit from:

-        Post eLearning activities, either for employees to do individually, or for managers to facilitate with their teams 

-        Q&A drop-in sessions

-        A monthly diversity article or resource, which are collated into an online resource library

-        Client community sessions with guest speakers

With our new diversity service, added extras can include:

-        A Train the Trainer programme to increase the capacity and reach of workshops.

-        A package of virtual workshops on selected topics to enable learners to delve deeper into online content.

-        A light-touch equality, diversity and inclusion temperature check to identify strengths, gaps and priorities and support a strategic organisational approach.

-        An eLearning outcomes evaluation to assess how your online module has landed and to recommend next steps for related learning.

Some of these additional services are complimentary for existing eLearning clients and some are offered as optional extras. 

As Ann Allcock, our Head of Diversity, explains, “Diversity eLearning is all too often seen as a compliance-related tool that serves a necessary purpose, but in reality can have limited impact.  At Marshall E-Learning, our online modules are designed as a springboard for deeper learning, for wider conversations, and for meaningful action to support inclusive behaviours and culture change.  We help organisations to see the bigger picture and offer blended learning opportunities which really make a difference.” 

How does this new service benefit me?  

In addition to generating conversations and allowing e-learners to share experiences and stories about identity and difference, it allows staff to make the most of online learning as it is reinforced and not forgotten.  It reassures employees that their organisation is truly committed to diversity learning and that it is not just a tick box exercise.  It shows movement beyond compliance to impact on behaviours and workplace culture and provides a more joined-up approach that positions diversity learning as integral to a wider diversity and inclusion strategy.

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If your organisation is currently looking for a training provider, Marshalls specialises in diversity and inclusion. We take a holistic approach to diversity learning and support organisations so that they can embed inclusive behaviour into their organisational culture and create inclusive working environments.

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