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New video-led course from Marshall E-learning raises awareness of mental health fatigue

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What is mental health fatigue and how can managers help? Marshall E-Learning launches a unique video-led learning course.

Mental health fatigue is a condition triggered by prolonged cognitive activity and it has existed prior to the pandemic. In light of the pandemic, and the extra challenges this brings to the workforce, Marshall E-Learning have launched a CPD certified course to raise awareness of mental health fatigue. 

A combination of worries about Covid-19, lockdowns, working from home, home schooling, financial and health concerns as well as gyms and leisure services currently closed, it means mental health fatigue is a real issue.

The COVID-19 pandemic has seen many more employees reporting mental health issues at work. A number of studies in the UK report that employees are currently struggling more with anxiety, stress and depression. Forbes reports that 60% of home workers are finding it more stressful and reporting signs of burnout. This impacts significantly on motivation, performance and absenteeism which comes at a high cost for organisations.

With many employees working from home it can be difficult for employers to spot the signs too. However, managers can help in the following ways:

  1. Ask ‘how they are’. 
    In employee 121’s ask how they are. Don’t reply on HR questionnaires or surveys as employees may view this as a corporate ‘tick box’. Ask what they need in terms of support too. It is important to raise issues with your director or HR representative.
  2. Provide support.
    Be mindful that the mental health support which your organisation may have might not be relevant for employee needs currently. Explore what additional resources or finances might be needed.
  3. Use trained experts
    Are there any talks, workshops or support groups available to individuals or the team or organisation? Ensure you use trained mental health experts who have credibility and professionalism. The Mental Health Fatigue course by Marshall E-Learning is suited to individual members of staff, managers and senior leaders.

Mental Health Fatigue – New Course

In light of the pandemic, and the extra challenges this brings to the workforce, Marshall E-Learning have launched a CPD certified two-part course with animated scenarios to raise awareness of mental health fatigue. It provides ideas about actions that can be taken at work to support colleagues with mental health fatigue.

The animated videos focus on Ramesh’s mental health challenges at work and the efforts of his well-meaning manager, who during this 20-minute course offers three possible solutions to Ramesh with varying levels of success.

Throughout the module mental health expert, David Beeney, provides insights into Ramesh’s situation and discusses his own personal mental health journey with diversity consultant Gamiel Yafai.

Customisation for this course is also available. Bespoke scenarios can be included and companies can also add their own photography and policies to the course too. To find out more about Marshall E-Learning’s Mental Health Fatigue e-learning course, please email [email protected], call 0845 123 3909 or visit the website: Mental Health Fatigue e-learning course