News stories from Learning Now tv in 2018

L&D transformation at O2 on Learning Now tv

Learning Now tv | 26 Nov 2018

On November’s Learning Now tv: how O2 is transforming its L&D function; why data analytics is vital to improving performance; an AI in learning implementation; insights into Deloitte/MIT Sloane’s research; an interview with personalisation expert JD Dillon; plus insights from LNTV commentators Ajay Pangarkar and Robin Hoyle.

Trust and social systems at work: Julian Stodd on Learning Now tv

Learning Now tv | 22 Oct 2018

On October’s Learning Now tv Julian Stodd discusses his latest research project, The Landscape of Trust, which considers social and organisational trust, and tools and skills to help build it. Also on this week’s show: Paul Matthews on learning transfer at work and a review of World of Learning 2018.

Learning Now TV announces Paul Morgan as first channel ambassador

Learning Now tv | 17 Oct 2018

Industry veteran takes on ambassador role to help grow the only TV channel dedicated to corporate learning.

Data-driven learning on Learning Now tv

Learning Now tv | 21 Sep 2018

On September’s Learning Now tv the team interviews Lori Niles-Hofmann about digital body language and using data to help improve learning and performance at work; new insights into leadership development priorities following FTIECLA’s 2018 Pulse Report; establishing a business school for Solera staff; LearningLive 2018 review.

Happy workplaces: a 21st century approach to empowerment on Learning Now tv

Learning Now tv | 24 Aug 2018

August’s Learning Now tv interviews Happy founder, Henry Stewart, about his ‘Happy Workplaces’ philosophy. Will Thalheimer discusses his new model for course evaluation and LNTV asks Robin Hoyle why we still use classrooms.

Women in business in learning and in society on Learning Now tv

Learning Now tv | 20 Jul 2018

July’s Learning Now tv interviews two leading business women, Ula Howlett about her career journey and Tamsin Napier-Munn about her campaign to encourage women to ‘step up’ and make a difference. We also talk to Lesley Price and Wes Atkinson about Learn Appeal and the progress it’s making to improve access to learning in Africa and for underprivileged groups here in the UK.

Artificial intelligence in learning on Learning Now tv

Learning Now tv | 20 Jun 2018

June’s Learning Now tv looks at artificial intelligence in learning and its application in business; Nigel Paine interviews Matt Donovan of GP Strategies on digitally transforming an organisation and Martin Couzins reviews Towards Maturity’s latest report into the adoption of learning technology.

Euan Semple discusses technology and business leadership on Learning Now tv

Learning Now tv | 25 May 2018

Digital change consultant and tech commentator, Euan Semple, talks to Lisa Minogue-White on Learning Now tv. Also on May’s programme: curation skills, transforming learning at the RNLI and redefining blended learning.

Digital transformation at fashion retailer River Island on LNTV

Learning Now tv | 20 Apr 2018

April’s Learning Now tv includes interviews with River Island’s Head of Talent, Nebel Crowhurst and UX designer, Mike Collins, on the high street retailer’s digital transformation journey; Eon’s Teresa Rose outlines the huge benefits the energy giant has found by using data in L&D; and Martin Couzins reviews Deloitte’s Global Human Capital Trends Report.

LNTV explores ‘lean learning’ and ‘agile learning’

Learning Now tv | 26 Mar 2018

Learning Now tv this month reports on lean and agile learning and the differences between them with learning strategist, David James. Plus LNTV looks at three people transformation projects at Transport for London, Citi Bank and Toyota, along with interviews with Ed Monk from the LPI and Andy Lancaster from CIPD.

Improving performance with creativity: Tim Reid on LNTV

Learning Now tv | 19 Feb 2018

Making the most of freely available content in learning programmes on LNTV

Learning Now tv | 25 Jan 2018