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Artificial intelligence in learning on Learning Now tv

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June’s Learning Now tv looks at artificial intelligence in learning and its application in business; Nigel Paine interviews Matt Donovan of GP Strategies on digitally transforming an organisation and Martin Couzins reviews Towards Maturity’s latest report into the adoption of learning technology.

Adrian Harvey, CEO of Elephants Don't Forget
Adrian Harvey, CEO of Elephants Don't Forget 

Artificial intelligence in learning has been gathering pace and in this month’s LNTV programme we ask Adrian Harvey, CEO of Elephants Don’t Forget, how his company is applying it to solve business problems.

Plus in June’s programme: digital transformation is a priority for business leaders, but how can the learning sector better enable it? Nigel Paine asks Matt Donovan of GP Strategies why it’s so important and how to go about it; and Martin Couzins digests Towards Maturity’s latest report and its conclusions for learning and business.

This month’s Learning Now tv is on Thursday June 28 at 10 am UK time. And the show will be available on catch up from the LNTV website three days later.

The full programme of interviews and features for June’s LNTV show:

  • Adrian Harvey, CEO of Elephants Don't Forget, discusses AI in learning and provides an example of how it can be applied to a real business problem.

  • Matt Donovan, Vice President of GP Strategies, talks to Nigel about why digital transformation is so important and how to go about digitally transforming your organisation.

  • Rob Briner, Professor of Organisational Psychology at Queen Mary University, talks to Michelle Parry-Slater about evidence-based learning and why you should adopt it.

  • Martin Couzins' regular series on discussing the latest research reports this month spotlights Towards Maturity's new report 'The Transformation Curve'.

  • Sam Rogers is our new regular contributor from the US, and this month he helps you to produce great video on your mobile devices.

  • Ajay Pangarkar's column on getting business leaders onside with your L&D projects is creating a lot of interest. This month he focuses on building a business case.

  • Robin Hoyle talks about measurement and evaluation and helps you to answer your business leaders' question 'What do we get back from this investment?'

The next Learning Now tv programme is on Thursday June 28 at 10 am UK time with the live social stream with Colin Steed starting at 9.50 am UK time.