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Digital transformation at fashion retailer River Island on LNTV

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April’s Learning Now tv includes interviews with River Island’s Head of Talent, Nebel Crowhurst and UX designer, Mike Collins, on the high street retailer’s digital transformation journey; Eon’s Teresa Rose outlines the huge benefits the energy giant has found by using data in L&D; and Martin Couzins reviews Deloitte’s Global Human Capital Trends Report.

Learning Now tv Thursday 26 April
Learning Now tv Thursday 26 April 

In this month’s LNTV programme on 26 April, Kim interviews Nebel Crowhurst and Mike Collins of River Island. Nebel and Mike share insights into River Island’s digital transformation journey, offering viewers a fascinating perspective on the number one challenge affecting every high street retailer.

Nigel talks to Teresa Rose, Learning and Talent Expert at Eon, about how data gathering in L&D is having huge impact at the energy giant.

Learning sector journalist Martin Couzins has been assessing Deloitte’s latest research and shares its findings with Nigel.

This month’s Learning Now tv is on Thursday April 26 at 10 am and later at 8 pm. And the show will be available on catch up from the LNTV website three days later.

The full programme of interviews and features for April’s LNTV show:

  • Kim talks to Nebel Crowhurst and Mike Collins from River Island and they discuss the digital transformation journey that the organisation has been on for the past few years. Is it making a difference for the high street fashion retailer?

  • Nigel talks to Teresa Rose, the Learning and Talent Expert for energy giant Eon, about how their use of data gathering is making huge benefits to the business. She talks through how the use of data in L&D is making a significant difference to the company.

  • Martin Couzins selects a new research report to discuss with Nigel and this month they talk about the 'Deloitte Global Human Capital Trends Report 2018' which reveals some interesting findings for corporate L&D professionals.

  • Our new regular correspondent from Canada, Ajay Pangarkar, continues his series on how corporate L&D professionals can get business leaders on our side and more supportive of our projects.

  • Helen Blunden, our regular correspondent from Australia, went to 'Creative Melbourne' a creativity and innovation conference and talked to the event founder and some of the delegates drawn from many different industries and professions.

  • Robin Hoyle continues his series challenging the L&D profession on topics that are the latest buzzwords. This month he looks at 'Mindfulness' and asks whether mindfulness courses serve a purpose for the employees - or training providers.

  • Our regular correspondent from the US Brent Schlenker recently interviewed Sam Rogers and asks him to explain the purpose and benefits provided by Sam's Digital Learning Asset Framework.

The next Learning Now tv programme is on Thursday April 26 at 10 am UK time with the live social stream with Colin Steed from 9.50 am; and again later the same day at 8 pm UK time.