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Imparta partner with Credly to introduce digital badging and certification

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Imparta digital badging and certification makes it easy for organisations teams to recognise achievement, support learning and development and celebrate success.


Imparta Ltd, the global leader in performance improvement for customer-facing teams, have announced today the launch of a new digital badging and certification solution; the latest feature release as Imparta continue to expand their solution to drive increased value for clients and learners.

Digital badges are secure, web-enabled credentials containing verified information about professional achievements. Imparta uses digital badges to enable sales professionals to evidence their experience and expertise in sales and support L&D leaders in the adoption of learning initiatives. Badges can be displayed as part of a badge portfolio or as a link on a CV, featured within an email signature or shared via social media.

Emlyn Middleton, Imparta’s Head of Client Success, said “The introduction of digital badges allows our clients to recognise the achievement of their team as they build and develop their sales skills. Working with Credly has ensured a seamless process for both our key stakeholders and the learners. We’re excited to roll out this new solution and share in the success of our clients.”

Badges are available for all Imparta clients, awarded to those individuals who have completed a select in-person, virtual and/or e-learning module. Each client defines specific, outcome orientated validation stages that tie in with key objectives of the wider organisation.

To learn more about Imparta’s new digital badging and certification, click here.


About Credly

Credly was founded to help people connect their verified abilities to opportunities. And, we strive to bring equity and access to every member of the current and future workforce. After leading the transformation in how people learn and connect online, our team turned its sights on bringing innovation to the outputs of meaningful learning experiences: the credential itself.

In 2018, Credly acquired the Acclaim credential business from Pearson and became the most comprehensive global solution for recognizing skills, capabilities, and achievements. Pearson invested in Credly’s growth and in 2022, acquired Credly to provide powerful solutions in the global workforce learning and talent market.

Credly is leading the digital credential movement, making talent more visible and opportunity more accessible.