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    • eLearning Africa call for papers

      eLearning Africa |

      eLearning Africa takes place in Dakar, Senegal from May 24 – 26 and its call for papers is open though to November 30.

    • eLearning Africa 2023: Call for Papers

      eLearning Africa |

      eLearning Africa 2023 takes place in Dakar, Senegal from May 24, and today opened its call for submissions to the conference programme.

    • eLearning Africa 2023 announced for Dakar

      eLearning Africa |

      The 16th eLearning Africa conference and exhibition on ICT for education, training and skills development, is to take place in Dakar, Senegal from May 24 – 26, 2023.

    • eLearning Africa: Let's seize the Moment, say Ministers

      eLearning Africa |

      African countries should “seize the moment” and take advantage of a historic opportunity for “massive, long-term, sustainable economic growth,” according to Rwanda’s Minister of ICT and Innovation, Paula Ingabire. And Rwandan Education Minister, Dr Valentine Uwamariya, warned that “failing to focus now on education, training and technology would be unforgivable.”

    • TooShare – the African Network Revolutionising EdTech

      eLearning Africa |

      TooShare is a technological feat that aims to revolutionize education for all in order to overcome the deficiencies of the educational system through easy access to educational content. This digital alternative to schools and universities is 100% African and that combines an e-learning platform and a social network.

    • eLearning Africa: Advancing from Abidjan

      eLearning Africa |

      eLearning Africa shows the world “what an exciting, innovative continent Africa is” say the organisers of Africa’s leading conference on technology assisted learning and training, eLearning Africa. This year’s eLearning Africa, which took place in Abidjan, Cote d’Ivoire from 23 -27 October and focussed on “the keys to the future: learnability and employability” was a “great success,” they say.

    • ‘Learning in Context’: eLearning Africa programme announced

      eLearning Africa |

      Details of this year’s eLearning Africa conference, which will take place in Mauritius from September 27 - 29, have been announced, with a comprehensive programme of relevant events all linking under the theme ‘Learning in Context.’ The congress coincides with UNESCO’s International Day of Universal Access to Information.

    • Mauritian government to host eLearning Africa 2017

      eLearning Africa |

      The organisers of eLearning Africa, the continent’s leading conference on technology assisted learning and training, announced that the Government of Mauritius has agreed to host this year’s conference in September. The conference will be held under the patronage of the Minister of Technology, Communication and Innovation, Hon. Mr Yogida Sawmynaden and the Minister of Education, Human Resources, Tertiary Education and Scientific Research, Hon. Mrs Leela Devi Dookun-Luchoomun. It will take place in Port Louis, the capital of Mauritius, from the 27th to the 29th of September.

    • 2063 Vision: Ministers move from ideas to action

      eLearning Africa | Cairo, Egypt |

      African ministers attending the 9th eLearning Africa Ministerial Round Table in Cairo on May 24th are looking to turn dreams into reality. Education and training are at the heart of the African Union’s 2063 Vision for a ‘transformed continent’ and ministers of Education, Skills, Finance and ICT from all over Africa will discuss delivery mechanisms at the annual Round Table on ICT for education, training and development.

    • eLearning Africa: Sharing infrastructure must be top priority

      eLearning Africa | Cairo, Egypt |

      The African Union’s Commissioner for Infrastructure and Energy, HE Mrs Elham Mahmood Ahmed Ibrahim, will tell participants at this year’s eLearning Africa conference that sharing infrastructure must be a top priority for African governments.

    • Africa’s vision for education and how it will become reality

      eLearning Africa | Berlin, Germany |

      More than 1200 international education and technology experts, advisers and investors will gather in Cairo in May to discuss how to turn the African Union’s vision of a “transformed continent” into reality. They will look at how developments in technology could enable education and training to boost growth and transform the lives and prospects of the next generation of Africans. The programme for the conference, which is available at

    • African financial services sector “missing a trick” say education experts

      eLearning Africa | Berlin |

      Africa’s financial services sector is missing out on big opportunities in the rapidly growing education technology market, say the organisers of the continent’s biggest EdTech conference. They claim that African banks and financial services companies are “missing a trick” by failing to get involved and back innovative start-ups in the education technology sector.

    • eLearning Africa 2016: Call for proposals

      eLearning Africa | Berlin |

      African education experts want to hear from anyone with innovative ideas about how technology can help transform the continent.

    • eLearning Africa Report: ICTs boosting growth but teachers reluctant to change

      eLearning Africa | Addis Ababa, Ethiopia |

      Information and Communication Technology (ICT) is the key to improving education and thus boosting growth across Africa – but there is still widespread reluctance among teachers, trainers and managers to abandon traditional methods in favour of new solutions.

    • eLearning Africa 2015: Ministers to discuss building on Africa’s progress in education

      eLearning Africa | Addis Ababa, Ethiopia |

      As attention moves from the UN Millennium Development Goals (MDGs) to the Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs), political leaders will join education experts and investors at the African Union headquarters in Addis Ababa later this month to discuss the role technology can play in building on Africa’s progress in education, training and development.

    • African leaders need to “leapfrog the shackles of convention” say experts

      eLearning Africa | Addis Ababa, Ethiopia |

      International experts will call for African leaders to “leapfrog the shackles of convention” at a major education conference next month, in order to ensure that African economic growth is sustained by adequately trained young people. The programme for this year’s eLearning Africa, which is being co-organised by the African Union and co-hosted by the Government of Ethiopia, reflects the extraordinary breadth and pace of change underway in African education – and the challenge for new technology-based solutions to meet Africa’s growing demand for high quality education and training.

    • Ugandan entrepreneurs changing lives with the touch of a button

      eLearning Africa | Berlin/Kampala |

      A spotlight will shine on the rising stars of Ugandan technology and education scene this year, as Kampala plays host to the eLearning Africa 2014 Conference later this month. A key focus will also be on those in the nation who don’t yet have the access and education allowing them to reach their potential.

    • eLearning Africa 2013 - The unsung local heroes who are really changing Africa

      eLearning Africa |

      A revolution is occurring throughout African societies. While governments implement high-level, high-visibility ICT strategies, experts have recently identified far more radical, hidden changes occurring across the Continent. New technologies, when adopted, are adapted to local needs: a sort of under-the-radar innovation which is now pushing the boundaries of what is possible.

    • mLearning: effective or disruptive? eLearning Africa to assess the effectiveness of mobile learning

      eLearning Africa | Cotonou, Benin; Berlin, Germany |

      Mobile technologies, which play an increasingly important role in Africa's education systems, are set to stimulate debate at this year's eLearning Africa conference in Cotonou, Benin, from May 23rd to 25th. Through a range of interactive expert-led sessions, participants at eLearning Africa 2012, the Continent's leading conference on ICT for development, education and training, will explore the challenges, opportunities and success stories of mLearning.

    • eLearning Africa 2012 to explore eLearning and Sustainability

      eLearning Africa | Berlin, Germany |

      Next year's eLearning Africa, the Continent's leading conference on ICT for development, education and training, will take place in Cotonou, Benin, from May 23rd to 25th, 2012, under the patronage of the Republic of Benin. eLearning Africa is the key networking event for developing eLearning capacities in Africa, and the call for papers is now open. eLearning Africa is a dynamic forum for sharing the latest research, best practice guidance and case studies on the integration of ICT into education and training for all sectors of economic development, including business, education, agriculture, health delivery and governance.

    • eLearning Africa: How ICTs Can Help Build Peace, Security and Stability

      eLearning Africa | Lusaka, Zambia |

      'Information and communication Technologies (ICTs) can play a major role in building peace, security and stability in some of the most troubled places on the planet,' says New Security Foundation Chairman, Dr Harold Elletson. Dr Elletson was speaking at the eLearning Africa conference in Lusaka, Zambia during a session hosted by the New Security Foundation and involving participants from all over Africa.

    • eLearning Africa Photo Competition: Winning Photo from Zambia

      eLearning Africa | Berlin, Germany. Lusaka, Zambia. |

      Winners of the first eLearning Africa photo competition will be featured in an exhibition at the fifth pan-African conference on Information and Communication Technologies (ICTs) for Development, Education and Training

    • Inclusive Education a Priority for Ministers’ Meeting in Zambia

      eLearning Africa | Berlin, Germany. Lusaka, Zambia. |

      Berlin, Germany, Lusaka, Zambia. Zambia’s capital will host a gathering of some of Africa’s top educational decision-makers on May 26th at eLearning Africa. The largest pan-African conference on Information and Communication Technologies (ICTs) for development, education and training will be held from May 26th - 28th in Lusaka.

    • eLearning Africa 2010: Will Africa Learn by Mobile Phone or by Desktop Computer?

      eLearning Africa | Berlin, Germany. Lusaka, Zambia. |

      Teachers and technologists gathering at the eLearning Africa 2010 conference in Zambia will be debating a billion dollar question, attempting to work out whether future African students will learn from the telephones in their pockets or from the laptops in their classrooms.

    • How ICTs Are Changing the Way We Live: eLearning Africa Launches Online Photo Competition

      eLearning Africa | Berlin, Germany. Lusaka, Zambia. |

      How have mobile phones, the Internet, computers and the audiovisual media changed people's lives on the African continent? To find out, eLearning Africa has launched an online photography contest. The organisers are inviting people from Africa to submit images that show how they live, learn and work with Information and Communication Technologies (ICTs).

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