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eLearning Africa Virtual Exchange for Cybersecurity and EdTech Solutions

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The eLearning Africa Virtual Exchange is announced for October 26 – 28, 2021.

The eLearning Africa Virtual Exchanges offer an opportunity to network and engage with representatives from the eLearning Africa Network and Community of high-level planners, decision makers and practitioners from education, business and government - the three key areas driving ICT supported learning, training adoption and innovation. These include decision makers in education, policy makers in governments, representatives of IGOs and NGOs, HR & L&D professionals in companies, ICT Managers and administrators.

eLearning Africa's Cybersecurity Virtual Exchange links global cyber and data securityEdTech and digital learning solution providers with decision makers in Africa's education and training sectors and provides an exclusive online platform where people, ideas, practices and technologies come together conveniently in one place without the need to travel.

With peer-to-peer engagement, including opportunities to hear from solution providers about how their innovative use of technology and systems enables educators and learners to thrive, the eLearning Africa Virtual Exchange offers a platform both for sharing best practice and showing how Cybersecurity, EdTech and digital learning solutions are responding to the needs of African institutions and businesses.

The digital transformation of Africa has been gathering speed. At the same time, the COVID-19 pandemic has caused unprecedented disruption for education and training institutions and organisations, forcing them to take bold steps in digital education, integrating online learning and EdTech solutions into their education and training delivery. However, this also creates new risks. As personal computers and smartphones have become both more sophisticated and more integrated into the education system, so has the importance of protecting these devices, their users and the valuable data on them.

Not only will the event allow stakeholders in education and training across Africa to learn about cybersecurity solutions that will protect them, their organisation, their learners and students, and their data but they will also be able to learn about the latest solutions and tools available to enable them to overcome new challenges, enhance their learning delivery and increase engagement with learners. It will allow practitioners and policy makers to gain valuable insights, discuss developments with providers and users, and share their priorities and plans.

The eLearning Africa Virtual Exchange is a high-level networking opportunity and the connections participants make will prove their value time and time again.

The eLearning Africa Virtual Exchanges are:

  • a cost-effective opportunity to engage with decision makers across the education and training sectors in a region where personal relationships are crucial.
  • a way to maintain market visibility and develop partnership and collaboration with African decision makers at a time when travel is challenging.
  • a chance to grow an immediate network of professional leads and link automatically with them via social media.
  • a leading virtual meeting and engagement platform, seamlessly combining live sessions and workshops, community discussions, live 1-to-1 video meetings, text chat, informal networking spaces, virtual meet-ups, and video presentations and on-demand webinars.

The eLearning Africa Virtual Exchange platform strengthens relationships and peer-to-peer engagement amongst professionals. Participants with similar interests can find each other and schedule one-on-one meetings, thanks to the platform's special matchmaking feature. And the platform's unique social feature means that participants can join discussions on the Community Board, create new conversation topics and position themselves as market leaders and reliable, knowledgeable partners.


If you would like to participate, you will find information on our exhibition and partnership packages here, which includes information on our early bird rates that start at 990 Euros and are valid until September 15.