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A bite-sized news round up: HR is shifting priorities to learning; LearnOps, DevOps for L&D; Learning Technologies Team of the Year Credit Suisse and Kineo; CLO100 learning leaders programme launches.


Learning News Bulletin

A bite-sized round-up of popular stories on Learning News presented by Rob Clarke.



More detail and full interviews on each of the stories:

HR shifts to learning
Talent shortages are now the top business challenge. HR is shifting its priorities to learning. We drill into Fosway's latest research.

LearnOps, DevOps for L&D
An operational framework set to bring new standards for how L&D teams work and succeed. 

Learning Technologies Team of the Year
The shift from order takers to consultants. Credit Suisse and Kineo, explain how.

CLO100 starts April
There's a new programme and qualification for Chief Learning Officers. Co-creator, Cathy Hoy, is here.