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LearnOps®: an operational framework, processes and platform for L&D

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Interview with Ryan Austin - CEO, Cognota, the developer of LearnOps® and Charles Jennings - Consultant, Speaker and Coach, one of the people helping L&D teams to implement LearnOps®.


When you hear the word LearnOps the first thing that comes to mind is perhaps DevOps and other business 'Ops': operational frameworks, standards and strategies to unify best practice, to improve the way organisations operate. Yet learning operations frameworks and standards are new to us. There are some past attempts at learning operational standards, but not ones that have stuck around and become universally understood across learning and development.

Perhaps this is about to change as an organisation called Cognota has built a LearnOps framework and learning operations processes, a technology to run it and is aligning itself with Chief Learning Officer coaches to help L&D teams to implement it. 

Ryan Austin, Cognota's founder and CEO and Charles Jennings, best known for introducing the 70:20:10 method in learning and development, join Learning News to talk about learning operations and why an operational framework, processes and standards might be needed and about LearnOps® and what it provides.

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